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Air Lock Controller
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Air Lock Controller



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This block can be broken with any tool, but a pickaxe is the quickest


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The Air Lock Controller is a block introduced in Galacticraft 2 which allows the automated control of an Air Lock. With the Air Lock Controller an air lock can be opened by either applying a redstone signal or when a player is in close proximity to the Air Lock Frame itself.


To change the settings of the controller, right-click on it to bring up its GUI. In the GUI you will see that you can customize how the door opens. Click on the red boxes to enable that particular setting. You can also click on the black drop-down box to change how close a player must be for the door to open. There is even an option to restrict who the door will open for by inserting the user's name. This is also where you select if the door is supposed to function vertically or horizontally (not pictured).

After the controller has been placed down, only the player who placed it can edit the settings in the GUI. Other players can still view the settings, but if they try to alter any of it, the text on top of the GUI that says: "[name of player who placed it]'s controller" will blink red to remind the player who tries to edit the setting that this controller does not belong to him.

If a redstone signal is used to open/close the air lock, redstone power must be applied to the controller itself or to any block that is touching the controller (not just anywhere on the frame).

Example of redstone placement for the Air Lock Controller
Example GUI settings for Air Lock Controller

Crafting Recipe

Please note that Galacticraft interim versions through to had a recipe bug where this item could not be crafted. This was fixed as of version

Compressed Steel Compressed Steel Compressed Steel Grid layout Arrow (small).png Air Lock Controller
Compressed Meteoric Iron Basic Wafer Compressed Meteoric Iron
Compressed Steel Compressed Steel Compressed Steel