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Slimelings on Mars

Slimeling is a mob-utility that spawns from Slimeling Eggs found on Mars surface. It shares some features from vanilla wolves and mules: it can be tamable and attacks mobs that threaten its owners, and can be equipped with a special chest to transport items.

As an allied mob, Slimelings will actively help and follow the player-owner and will attempt to protect them. They can also have a neutral behavior, that is, they can attack if provoked or hurt by non-owners.

Out of the eggs, slimelings can be red, blue or yellow. They can be renamed and fed to create mini slime bodyguards. They can breed with one another to create more slimelings and the color of the new slimeling is the color of the parents combined.

Like most mobs, slimelings are vulnerable to any environmental damage, such as drowning, suffocation by water, falling, contact with cacti, lava, Cavernous Vines and hot Fallen Meteors, except they will not suffocate for lack of oxygen. They can live in airless environments.

The player becomes the owner of a slimeling when he or she broke the egg to hatch it. It is born tamed.


Items that you can feed the slimelings with:

  • Gold ingot
  • Wooden door
  • Cooked fish
  • Boat
  • Gunpowder
  • Redstone repeater


Slimelings can be equipped by their owners with a Slimeling Inventory Bag to transport items and, as planned feature, a helmet. To equip a Slimeling, see Slimeling Inventory Bag.

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