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This tutorial is just for Galacticraft 2 with Minecraft 1.6.4


Setting up the workspace

Pictures & videos coming soon!

  1. Open "mcp\jars\mods".
  2. Drop the deobfuscated CodeChickenCore-dev v0.9.0.9 here.
  3. Drop MicCore-Dev-Deobf.jar here.
  4. Extract the Galacticraft SRC.
  5. Drop the "assets/assets" folder in "mcp\src\minecraft" and click replace.
  6. Drop the "dependencies.*" folders in "mcp\src\minecraft".
  7. Drop the "common/micdoodle8" folder tin "mcp\src\minecraft".
  8. Open Eclipse and fix the visibility errors using Eclipse.


  • This workspace is just for testing; recompiling will error.