Advanced Wafer

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Advanced Wafer
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Advanced Wafer








The Advanced Wafer is used for more advanced machines such as the Advanced Solar Panel or the NASA Workbench. It is also used in the creation of a Space Station.

Crafting Recipe

A Redstone Repeater has to be placed in the top right slot of a Circuit Fabricator, along with redstone dust in the center and two Silicon pieces in the center.

The recipe normally yields 1 wafer, but in a zero-gravity dimension, the same recipe yields 2 wafers.

How to create an advanced wafer.

Crafting Uses

Compressed Steel Full Solar Panel Compressed Steel Grid layout Arrow (small).png Advanced Solar Panel
Compressed Steel Flag Pole Compressed Steel
Heavy Aluminum Wire Advanced Wafer Heavy Aluminum Wire

Compressed Steel Crafting Table Compressed Steel Grid layout Arrow (small).png NASA Workbench
Lever Advanced Wafer Lever
Compressed Steel Redstone Torch Compressed Steel

Compressed Steel Anvil Compressed Steel Grid layout Arrow (small).png Electric Compressor
Compressed Steel Compressed Bronze Compressed Steel
Aluminum Wire Advanced Wafer Aluminum Wire

Desh Ingot Frequency Module Desh Ingot Grid layout Arrow (small).png Launch Controller
Compressed Desh Advanced Wafer Compressed Desh
Desh Ingot Aluminum Wire Desh Ingot

Compressed Steel Compressed Steel Compressed Steel Grid layout Arrow (small).png Electric_Furnace
Compressed Steel Furnace Compressed Steel
Compressed Aluminum Advanced Wafer Compressed Aluminum

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