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This /gcinv command is for use in situations where a player's vanilla inventory is automatically saved, restored, cleared, or dropped, for example, the Bukkit plugin 'BattleArena'.

It can also be used in any other situation where a server needs to save and later restore a player's Galacticraft inventory slots. Example: warp a player to a special area in a space dimension, equip the player with some oxygen gear temporarily, then restore the player's original inventory when the player leaves that area.

In a server environment, the command can be used by any player who has op or creative mode, or from console - or it can be automated through Bukkit plugins.


/gcinv save playername: save the player's GC inventory slots in a secure save location and clear the GC inventory slots

/gcinv restore playername: restore the player's GC inventory slots from the secure save location

/gcinv clear playername: clear the GC inventory slots, no save

/gcinv drop playername: force the player to drop all the GC inventory slots, no save


/gcinv restore can be used either when the player is online, or when the player is dead or offline - in the dead or offline case, it will restore the GC inventory slots when the player next spawns or comes online.

A restore will over-write whatever the player currently has in the Galacticraft slots. This is intentional, it prevents players from keeping items they have been equipped with in battle arenas or other special areas.

If the server restarts, there is an automatic /gcinv restore for all players (online or offline) who still have an unrestored save - this will take effect when the player next comes online. This is automatic because it is assumed that players will be automatically kicked from battle arenas and other special areas when the server restarts.

There is only one save location per player. Use of /gcinv save a second time (without doing a restore between) will overwrite the first save so the saved items will be permanently lost.

Future plans for 1.7 (not yet implemented, may never be): an additional command '/gcinv loadout playername loadoutname' to equip the player with specific items. The loadouts would have to be configured in a configuration file.