Cryogenic Chamber

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Cryogenic Chamber
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Cryogenic Chamber



Space Base


This block can be broken with any tool, but a pickaxe is the quickest


Yes (64)

The Cryogenic Chamber is used to sleep on other planets and skip long nighttimes. It can be used at any time, even during the daytime, and in any dimension, including the Overworld.


Cryogenic Chamber to be placed requires a minimum space of 3 blocks width, 1 block depth and 4 blocks high, even though the chamber itself is 1 block wide and 3 blocks tall. Once the player has placed down the chamber it is possible to place blocks around the chamber.

WARNING: Due to a bug, any block placed next to the chamber will be destroyed if the chamber is removed.

Since vanilla beds only work on the Overworld, the Cryogenic Chamber is necessary to skip the nights on the other dimensions. Using the chamber during the daytime will skip the time to the next sunrise, except on the Asteroids dimension where the Sun is always locked on West.

Since late Galacticraft 2 versions, beds no longer explode if used outside the Overworld! Before, it was required to disable their "explosiveness" via config. However beds still have no effect on Galacticraft dimensions.

Once the player has used the Cryogenic Chamber, there is a 300 seconds cool-down time before he can use the chamber again. Breaking and placing back the chamber or trying to use different chamber will not reset the cool-down time, unless by dying.

The chamber does not require energy to work.


If the player dies after sleeping in the Cryogenic Chamber, he will respawn standing over the Cryogenic Chamber. If there is not enough space for the player to respawn, he will spawn on the blocks above the chamber.

Hostile mobs cannot reach the player while using the chamber. Arrows can hit the player. Creeper explosions can break the chamber and hurt the player if inside.

Crafting Recipe

Compressed Desh Heavy Duty Plate Compressed Desh Grid layout Arrow (small).png Cryogenic Chamber
Compressed Desh Bed Compressed Desh
Compressed Desh Heavy Duty Plate Compressed Desh