Emergency Post

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Emergency Post
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A stone pickaxe or better is required to mine this block


Yes (64)

First Appearance

Galacticraft 4

The Emergency Post is used to hold a Space Emergency Kit.

Advantages of the Emergency Post over a simple chest include:

  • It is very strong (explosion resistant)
  • It emits light, preventing mobs from spawning in a wide area
  • It actively repels mobs
  • It looks good!


Open an Emergency Post by right-clicking on one of the sides. The flaps should open in a smooth animation to reveal the Space Emergency Kit inside. Right-click again to take the Emergency Kit. Right-click again to close the flap.

If the Emergency Post is empty, you can also place a Space Emergency Kit inside it. Open a flap and then click on the Emergency Post with the Emergency Kit in your hand.

(Note: flaps will not open on a side where they would be obstructed by another block.)

You can also break the Emergency Post and craft a "filled" version of it, by combining an empty Emergency Post and a Space Emergency Kit in any crafting grid.

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