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Why aren't there more planets? I saw a lot in x video...

More planets will be released in future. There are about 11 dimensions in the works right now. The celestial map should give you some clues.

Why is development so slow? Hurry up and release x feature.

We programmed this mod by ourselves (with Moon, Mars and Asteroids generation by fishtaco). We code far more than 40 hours a week, so instead of complaining, learn to appreciate what we've done.

I found a bug, what do I do?

Report it at http://forum.micdoodle8.com. Theres a link in the navigation if you look.

Can I have the entire beta build including all planets for my youtube video?


I know java and I want to contribute to the mod. How can I do so?

Talk to micdoodle8 on our IRC about it.

This mod is incompatible with x mod!

Then go tell the creator to fix the compatibility of their mod, because we have done everything to Forge's standard. In particular: we use PlayerAPI for maximum compatibility. See also Compatibility.