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This is a select list of videos about Galacticraft. It will be added to over time. Video suggestions can be made on the Talk page.

Reviews and Mod Showcases

Original Galacticraft

The YOGSCAST guys have a go
Let's Play Minecraft
The Diamond Minecart

Galacticraft 2

Yogslab: early Galacticraft 2
Yogslab: fun on Mars

Galacticraft 3

Galacticraft 3 Showcase
A short trailer packing in a lot

Galacticraft 4


Air Lock tutorial by Douglas Fresh

Historic Tutorials

Tutorials for the original Galacticraft made by micdoodle8 - note these are now more than 1 year old!

How to compress an Oxygen Tank
How to load fuel into a rocket
How to create a Space Station

Airlocks work a little differently than this now, but it's amazing to see how excellent Galacticraft was even in its early Alpha release.

Ezer'Arch videos

Mars first look
How Ezer'Arch plays