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This page or section contains content that does not exist yet in the official release.

Though it has been considered or is in development for a future version of Galacticraft 4. Text subject to change.

This page will cover future plans for Galacticraft announced by micdoodle8, radfast and co-developers. Last updated: February 2018.

Suggestions for how the mod can be improved are welcomed on the suggestions area of the forum. Don't forget to check the list of Frequently Suggested Ideas to see if your idea was already posted.

The future plans are provided as a general guide to help people who are planning things which depend on Galacticraft (modpacks, servers, add-ons) and anyone else who is interested. But there is no guarantee when things mentioned here will be implemented, and maybe some never will. Like anything in mod development, questions about "when" things will come cannot sensibly be answered, there is no fixed release date so please don't ask.

Plans for Galacticraft 4

Galacticraft is a 'Work in Progress' mod meaning the developers are, over time, adding to it and making improvements. Everything mentioned here is currently planned but plans can change - do not expect to see everything on this list.

Will there be a Boss on the Asteroids?

No, no Boss mob is planned for the Asteroids. The Asteroids also does not have a Treasure Chest as such. (Tier 3 Treasure Chest is found on Venus.) Instead, there is the Abandoned Base on Asteroids which has some treasure to discover, and a lot of valuable blocks if you grief the Abandoned Base.

Will there be an Asteroids Dungeon?

There will not be an underground dungeon like on the Moon or Mars or Venus.

Will there be a Tier 4 Rocket Schematic?

No. There will be other mechanisms to unlock anything which will be added in Galacticraft's future. Instead of having Tier 4, 5, 6, ... rockets, the developers are looking at something a little different for future versions. For Tier 4+ rockets, please look at one of the excellent add-on mods for Galacticraft like More Planets, Extra Planets or AmunRa.

Will there be any other new vehicle on the Asteroids?

There is already the Astro Miner. Possibly, one more vehicle will be added in future.

Will there be any new mob in Galacticraft 4?

There are already the Spider Queen and Juicers. It is unknown whether there will be any other new mobs in Galacticraft 4 in future. Keen readers of the source code will see some code for EntityUndeadAstronaut but that is not currently in the game, and it is not known whether it ever will be.

The Space Station movement is difficult

It's intended for it to be a little difficult - certainly different from moving around in gravity. It is not likely there will be any major changes to this, but the developers are looking at minor changes and improvements to make the gameplay smoother and more intuitive.

Some things will remain intentionally hard on Space Stations, including: stairs and ladders. It does not make much sense to walk "down" stairs on a space station which has no gravity! Instead, use the Hydraulic Platform

If you are finding life hard on a space station, two tips:

  • Make all the floors level - get rid of the 1 block down "balcony" area in the default space stations
  • Always carry a grapple and some string, it's a great way to move around and works really well on space stations

Will there be artificial gravity on Space Stations?

A spinning space station already generates something similar to gravity, in the form of "centrifugal force". It's not a big effect, you would need to be at the outer edges of a large, rapidly spinning space station to really notice it. It moves the player outwards not downwards, so it's not ideal for playing. There are plans to improve this, but they are secret for now and may not materialise until much later in Galacticraft 4.

No block or machine to "generate" gravity is currently planned. If you prefer to live in steady gravity, maybe live on a planet not a space station! (Or some of the Galacticraft add-ons provide gravity generators...)

Having said that, it is possible that a small scale "gravity simulator" will be added to the mod in future, the size of a small room. The main purpose of this will be so that players on the Overworld can try out lower gravity environments, for training purposes / fun. But the same device could maybe be used to make a small "gravity room" on a space station. No more details than this are currently available.

I've heard something about 'Hard Mode'

See Game_Balance#Hard_Mode. It is a work in progress, and will be a package of changes to make Galacticraft more challenging for good players, and a little more realistic in terms of space exploration. Future changes may include some of the following:

  • some power loss in aluminium wire
  • weight limits on player inventory in a rocket or chest rocket
  • no 'cheat' type movement when in freefall in space (at the same time as maybe introducing tethers or some other safety device)
  • changes to the way water works in Space - no infinite water source
  • changes to the way plants grow in Space - they will need a sealed environment or a Terraformer's bubble to grow
  • changes to the way Oxygen Collectors work - they will need living crops or trees, not just a bunch of leaves

Other Planets and Moons

Why can I not reach Jupiter and its moons, and the other planets?

These are not currently 'reachable' planets in the game. They are included in the Celestial Catalog anyhow because (1) they look great and (2) to show that the developers do have future plans for these, or some of them. See also Planets.

Which will be the next planet in Galacticraft?

Venus is added in Galacticraft 4. The next dimension which is planned by the developers will not be a planet at all...

How about Moons of Saturn, like Titan?

Yes, those are another very popular suggestion on the forum.

Will there be Phobos and Deimos, the moons of Mars?

Probably not - really there is nothing at all there, they are not much more than large rocks in space.

Any plans for Ceres?

Your knowledge of the Solar System is good! Ceres is a dwarf planet in the Asteroid belt. It has received surprisingly little attention from space agencies prior to 2015, but as you may know, a recent (April/May 2015) space mission mission explored it. It may turn out to be quite an interesting place: it is a proper, spherical planet (though smaller than the Earth's moon and with much lower gravity). It is thought to have a large amount of water ice - possibly the same amount of water as in all of Earth's oceans put together. It would not be too hard to reach in a rocket, and could be a useful destination if you needed large amounts of water in space.

How about Cruithne?

Now you are really showing off! 3753 Cruithne is a large asteroid in an Earth-like orbit, occasionally (incorrectly) referred to as Earth's "second moon". Like the moons of Mars, though, it's a small place and there's probably not much to see once you get there. It's not likely it will ever be included in Galacticraft.

The future of Galacticraft

Will there be Galacticraft for future Minecraft versions?

Galacticraft 4 is for Minecraft versions 1.8, 1.10, 1.11 and (as of January 2018) 1.12. If and when Minecraft updates to 1.13 and 1.14, it is not likely that Galacticraft will quickly update as these are known to be very problematic versions for mods. Therefore, 1.12.2 is likely to be the latest version of Galacticraft throughout 2018.

Will there be Galacticraft 5?

No current plans. New features are still being added to Galacticraft 4.

Will there be more mobs in future?


Will there be Evolved Endermen?

Although the Endermen already have their own special dimension, The End, a space variant the Evolved Enderman is now included in Galacticraft thanks to popular demand.

Will there be aliens?

You mean apart from Alien Villagers? There will be more mobs in future, which will certainly be extra-terrestrials - so from places other than Earth. But they might not be exactly what some people have in mind as "aliens". Each person's idea of what an "alien" looks like can be quite different!

Future power systems

Players are going to need a decent source of power in the Asteroids dimension. That is difficult, because solar panels generate only weakly there, and there is no coal in the Asteroids dimension. (Coal comes originally from organic matter and huge geological pressure, and neither of those things exists in the Asteroids.) Charcoal can be burned in Coal Generators, if you make a tree farm in a Hollow Asteroid. Or if you have visited Venus and found a Crashed Probe then you can craft an Atomic Battery which is low-powered but basically gives power without ever running out.

radfast has advised this:

>You can set up a very efficient solar panel power plant in orbit or on the Moon, and have a system of cargo rockets + launch controllers to bring charged batteries to the Asteroids dimension and take back empty batteries. Launch controllers act as chunk loaders, so keep the solar panels + wires in the same chunk as the Launch Controller and you should be golden.

In the longer term, we will look at possibly a more compact way of tranferring energy between dimensions.

It is not likely that we will ever have, in Galacticraft, systems for complex nuclear reactors, or for burning biofuels. There are other mods for that. And burning chemical fuel of any kind is not a good idea in a space environment where oxygen comes from tanks or has to be made. As for things like antimatter or power generated from black holes etc, don't expect anything like that any time soon, the science of Galacticraft is not so advanced!

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