Tier 3 Treasure Chest

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Tier 3 Treasure Chest
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Tier 3 Treasure Chest







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The Tier 3 Treasure Chest is a special loot chest for use on Venus, and was implemented in Galacticraft 4.

It will contain valuable loot like Name Tags, Horse Armors, Music Discs and specially schematics, which are found only in these chests. As of Galacticraft 4, it also may contain a Volcanic pickaxe or a Shield Controller, which allow the player to keep their armor out of corrosion damage present on Venus.

To open the Treasure Chest you will need a Tier 3 Dungeon Key, which is obtained from killing the Boss of this dungeon, the Spider Queen.

Technical Info

The treasure chest cannot be mined with a pickaxe, pushed by a piston and is not obtainable by normal means unless by /give command.

It has a large version like the double chest from vanilla if two treasure chests are manually placed adjacent to each other.

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