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The Grapple is a grappling hook and rope which can be thrown by a player, and then used to swing the player in the direction it was thrown. Useful for reaching places that are otherwise too high to jump to, or traveling around the Asteroids.


Right-click to aim the Grapple at a block you want to reach, similar to aiming a Bow. Release the right-click - similar to firing an arrow from a bow - to grapple yourself in that direction.

Note: To use the Grapple, you must have some spare strings in your inventory. If the Grapple has the Infinity enchantment, it requires at least one string in inventory, but does not consume it.

The string will be used when you fire the Grapple, and will be dropped near to the target point so that you can pick it up again. The string can be considered as the grappling hook's rope.


  • For best results, aim the Grapple at a point 1 or 2 blocks higher than the point you want to reach.
  • If there is no safe platform to land at that point, you can fall back down and you will take fall damage, so it takes some skill to use the Grapple safely.
  • Take care using the Grapple near a Nether Portal, End Portal or at a low height (less than y = 30) on a Space Station. There can be strange consequences if it crosses into another dimension.
  • The Grapple can be used to pull yourself towards the ground as well, allowing you to drop down fairly large distances without taking fall damage. Since attaching it to a surface cancels your momentum, this can even be done in midair.


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