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Latest versions

The newest game elements are the Grating block, the Hydraulic Platform and the Space Emergency Kit.

Galacticraft 4 for Minecraft 1.12.2 was released on January 26, 2018. Galacticraft 4 for Minecraft 1.11.2, Minecraft 1.10.2 and Minecraft 1.8.9 were released on May 27, 2017. There are different downloads for each Minecraft version but the in-game features are exactly the same.

You can read about all the new features of here.

You can download Galacticraft for 1.12.2 and these other recent Minecraft versions through the official Galacticraft download page. It is recommended always to use the latest version which has the newest features and the latest bugfixes.

Galacticraft 3 for Minecraft 1.7.10 is still supported, see below. We encourage players to switch to Galacticraft 4 as this has many improvements, while still keeping all the features of Galacticraft 3 as well..

Galacticraft 4 partial changelog

(Smaller changes and bugfixes are not all listed here.)

build 173 (April 2018) adds acidic rain on Venus.

build 168 (end March 2018) adds the Grating block.

build 162 (March 2018) adds the ultimate astronaut food item: Cheeseburger and ingredients for it, including others with a cheese theme.

build 160 (March 2018) adds full compatibility with Buildcraft 8 and MJ - in Galacticraft's 1.11.2 and 1.12.2 versions.

build 155 (March 2018) adds the ability for a standard Minecraft Dispenser to place rockets on launch pads (it can also throw Meteor Chunks and place or pick up Galacticraft fluids). Also re-enables Galacticraft's music in Galacticraft 4, improves compatibility with hi-poly armor from other mods, changes the look of Thermal Padding so that it's closer to the player's body, and changes - darkens - the look of the Moon Buggy.

build 150 (March 2018) adds the Emergency Post, a beautifully animated strong box which holds one Space Emergency Kit until you need it most, meanwhile it provides light and repels mobs. Also a significant bugfix: Evolved Creeper, Evolved Zombie and other evolved mobs now drop the intended bonus drops and rare drops.

build 148 (March 2018) adds a new feature for Titanium armor - faster movement! Increases your speed of walking, sprinting, bounding, ice-skating by 18%. Other movement speedr modifiers (e.g. Potion of Speed) can stack with this to give even faster movement. (By the way, Titanium Sword has given faster attack speed for a while now.) Latest build also contains an important bugfix: launch controlled rockets and Cargo Rockets now land correctly on Space Stations.

Build 143 (end February 2018) adds a new Space Emergency Kit item, and two new commands /gchouston and /gckit. Also an important gameplay bonus: players in a Space Race team will now all receive the benefit of a Schematic unlocked by any team member.

Build 140 (end February 2018) adds Aluminum Ore compatibility with the IC2 macerator and the AE2 grindstone. if processed fully through IC2's three stages of ore processing, Aluminum Ore yields a small quantity of Titanium even without travelling to the Asteroids!

Build 139 (February 2018) improves the accuracy of the JEI in-game information. It offers random textures (like how Minecraft grass and sand work) for Venus surface rock. The enchantability of Titanium tools and armor has increased, to be between diamond and gold. A bug where some space-related player equipment items like Sensor Glasses, Grapple and Oxygen Tank could be enchanted with certain spells is now fixed.

Build 138 (February 2018) this version updated the way moons are displayed in the solar system map - on the main screen left hand side, the moons of the selected planet are listed.

Build 135 (February 2018) adds the Hydraulic Platform

Build 133 (February 2018) increased the damage and efficiency of Titanium Sword and Titanium Pickaxe

Build 128 (January 2018) fixed a long standing bug when you swap parachutes, and made it so Coal Generator accepts coal from a Hopper.

Build 127 (January 2018) marked the official release of the Minecraft 1.12.2 version of Galacticraft 4

Build 126 (January 2016) allows NuclearCraft mod to mine Helium 3 from Moon Turf.

Build 119 (November 2017) reduced the number of oil pockets generated in the world by around 33%, and added Silicon Block, Titanium Block and Lead Block.

Build 112 (July 2017) added the Deconstructor machine. Also changed all the chest loot items in dungeons on Galacticraft planets - now instead of having similar items to Overworld dungeons, there is a range of items more suitable to the space environment. Also added configurable sides for the Electric Compressor, Circuit Fabricator and Oxygen Storage Module.

Galacticraft 3 changelog

Galacticraft 3 is the version for Minecraft 1.7.10 and 1.7.2. As of the start of 2018, Galacticraft 3 is still under light maintenance - meaning, any serious or game-breaking bug will be fixed if reported - but new features are being added only to Galacticraft 4.

Galacticraft 3 for Minecraft 1.7.10 was officially released on Sunday, November 9 2014. Over the three years since its original release there have been many further developments and improvements, see below. After June 2017, the 1.7.10 version of the mod is still being maintained for bugfixes: but it will not have Venus and the other new features from Galacticraft 4. There are no plans to 'backport' the newer game features. Galacticraft 3 is still a fun and challenging mod.

Version 3.0.12

The latest build (start 2018) is version Damage from no Oxygen or extreme Thermal temperatures is not reduced by your armor enchantments. This also has fixes for the following bugs: launch controlled rockets (the player sometimes getting stuck loading the new world, until exit and rejoin) - Beam Receiver - Lag near underground Oil blocks - Changing parachutes locks your parachute "open" even when on the ground. Improved compatibility with: Tinker's Construct Stone Torches.- RedNet cable - Matter Overdrive mod. Changed 2 server config options (Adventure Mode and Space Stations always static loading). API now allows addons to counteract zero gravity (i.e. with gravity generators).

Version - (end April 2017) - is likely one of the last 1.7.10 versions which will be released. This version is stable and we recommend players update to this from earlier versions.

Version - (early April 2017) - has a massive performance increase for Oxygen Sealers. Before this update, Oxygen Sealers could cause a few slow server update ticks in very large bases (large hangars or other huge sealed spaces). These oxygen checks are now performed approximately 400% faster inside the server.

Version - (March 21, 2017) - has:

  • improved freefall motion on Space Stations - smoother, better jumping and landing, and you can now go up ladders and stairs
  • sealable ME Cable for use with AppliedEnergistics2
  • improved ease of use of Electric Compressor with Hopper (and other item input mods like AE2)
  • safer rocket launch control - rockets which can't reach their destination will now not be auto-launched
  • Oxygen Storage Module now accepts piped Liquid Oxygen
  • many bugfixes
  • many performance increases, including Energy Storage Module and Energy Storage Cluster (we improved, again, the performance of the whole energy system)
  • many compatibility improvements, including with iChun's Sync mod, Buildcraft, PlayerAPI, RenderPlayerAPI, BiomeTweaker, Optifine and others
  • additional config options requested by server owners.

Version - (February 12, 2016) - has:

  • new redstone control for all electrically powered machines in Galacticraft (also for Arc Lamps and Spin Thrusters) - if the machine is receiving a redstone signal, it will stop operating, and will show the message "OFF" in red in its GUI
  • new Asteroids Adventure game mode, to create a challenging game for very experienced Minecraft players
  • crafting recipe for slimeballs from Cheese Curd
  • fixed Short Range Telepad - it now works properly even where the destination is not in a loaded chunk, please try it out!
  • improved compatibility with RF mods - RF mod electric items now charge in Galacticraft Energy Storage Module and vice versa
  • improved freefall motion - players should no longer become stuck in ceilings
  • updated overworld mapping in the Display Screen - more still to come on this

Version (January 21, 2016) - contains a large number of bugfixes, and more:

  • Add new basic recipe for cobblestone, and new Compressor recipes for coal and ice blocks using Asteroids materials, in preparation for Asteroids Adventure game mode
  • New textures for the solid metal blocks (e.g. Tin Decoration Block) and for Oxygen Concentrator and for Silicon Ore and Silicon
  • Fixes recent visual problems with Optifine - oxygen tanks are now visible as they should be
  • Fixes recent visual problems with Smart Moving, Animated Player and other similar mods using the RenderPlayerAPI system for cross-mod compatibility
  • Fixes multiple issues with the sky on other planets and fog etc
  • Increased stability for Launch Controlled rockets - no more rocket loss
  • Left-Shift or Right-Mouse-Button now both exit rockets in all dimensions, including on space stations. But you cannot exit from a rocket in flight (unless you are in Creative mode). Exiting using Left-Shift stays in 3rd person view; using Right-Mouse-Button switches to 1st person view.
  • Improved server performance
  • Beds work a little differently - they will no longer explode in any space dimension, and can be used to set a home location on planets, even though you cannot sleep in them
  • Improved compatibility with Buildcraft and IC2 - Sealed BC pipes are working again, Beam Receivers now work with IC2 power systems
  • Display Screen now correctly displays any Horses, Villagers, Sheep, Ocelots, Wolves, Sheep, Zombie Villagers, and Wither Skeletons which you want to track
  • New Space Station access command: /ssinvite +all to invite all players to your station, and /ssinvite -all to undo that
  • New server admin command to change a space station's owner: /ssnewowner
  • This version is also compatible with saved oil from pre-version 375 builds (for example if you still have a tank or canister with the older type of oil or fuel, now you can use it)

Version - (October 16, 2015) - includes, as well as everything in the earlier versions:

  • Many bug fixes, including an exploit.
  • Add Ambient Thermal Controller, an optional extension for sealers allowing you to remove thermal padding in sealed environments.
  • Allow addons to add space station capability to their planets.
  • Oxygen sealers now use significantly less oxygen.
  • Disabled Portable Oil Extractor, buckets are now used to collect oil.

Version includes:

  • Improved support for clients logging in to LAN servers
  • Improved compatibility with Buildcraft oil
  • Display Screen - test satellite mapping and new planet animations [work in progress]
  • Astro Miner recipe is now in NEI.
  • Fix various minor rendering issues (extended inventory, Evolved Spiders, grapple hook item, Astro Miner item)
  • Fix rare issues when building multiblock machines near the build height limit
  • Dutch (NL) translation major updates

Version includes:

  • Tinker's Construct Stone Torches now extinguish if there is no oxygen, like regular torches
  • Improvements to the way torches respond to the Oxygen Distributor
  • Astro Miner fully stable and now out of beta testing.
  • Golems (Iron Golems, Snowmen, and also Thaumcraft golems) can now survive in airless environments
  • The NEI "slight darkening" issue with the Galacticraft inventory has been fixed
  • Galacticraft music is now enabled
  • Improvements to localizations - several languages updated

Version includes:

  • Astro Miner is now obtainable in survival. The Astro Miner Schematic is a rare treasure item from the Tier 2 Treasure Chest on Mars, obtainable only if you already had a Tier 3 Rocket.
  • Astro Miner now has a sound, and an animation for its laser when docking
  • Added GUI for the Astro Miner Base
  • Added Orion Drive, the propulsion system for the Astro Miner. This will also likely be used for other future items in Galacticraft.
  • Updated the look of all the Schematics
  • Solar Panels can now generate some electricity in the Asteroids dimension
  • Added /gcastrominer command for admins to monitor and control how many Astro Miners a player can place
  • Galacticraft metal blocks are now interchangeable with other mods, for example they can be used in Big Reactors
  • Smaller download size

Version 3.0.11

Version (stable) includes:

  • smoother and better movement in freefall on space stations
  • jetpacks from IC2 and Simply Jetpacks are now fully operational on space stations (mouse cursor controls the direction heading, Space to move)
  • players will now not be kicked for 'flying' when in freefall
  • changed arrows from Evolved Skeleton and Evolved Skeleton Boss
  • liquid and gas canisters - fixed the duping issue in Thermal Expansion's Transposer and various related issues; but: part-filled canisters now cannot transfer liquid/gas to tanks in some other mods (it depends on the other mod)
  • mouse dragging/scrolling now possible in galaxy map
  • fixed the issue with Optifine causing Galacticraft oxygen mask, gear and tanks not to show up
  • add recipe (and an updated model) for the Astro Miner Base
  • changed chicken movement in airless environments
  • performance increases, the whole game should be fractionally faster

Version includes updates to the Astro Miner (currently obtainable in Creative Mode only). Its logic is now finalised. It can mine Asteroids - it goes out and finds nearby asteroids and neatly mines out the centre! Also:

  • improved freefall motion on space stations, grapples now work
  • several language updates including now a Swedish translation
  • fixed a bug where the Standard Wrench would not rotate vanilla blocks (e.g. hoppers) correctly
  • enabled the Sealable IC2 cables

Version includes a beta preview (Creative-mode only) of the new Astro Miner. Use this machine with caution, it destroys blocks!


  • fixes the issue with the Space Race Manager randomly opening on login
  • on the solar system map, Saturn and Uranus now have rings, like on the Galacticraft T-shirt
  • improved player tab compatibility with Custom NPCs mod
  • solar system map improvements for Add-Ons (now the AWSD keys scroll the map)
  • small visual fixes: torches in sealed rooms now have proper flames; Evolved Spiders now have their eyes still visible even when an Invisibility Potion is thrown at them, similar to vanilla Spiders (try it and see!)

Please note that versions through to had a recipe bug where 6 items, including the Tier 1 Booster and Sensor Glasses could not be crafted. That is fixed as of

Version adds stability including several bugfixes.

  • Increased functionality of the Planet Selection Screen for Galacticraft Add-On mods.
  • Correct Galacticraft inventory tab position when potion effects are active
  • Slimeling Eggs now hatch when right-clicked (as well as when broken with an empty hand)
  • Now dual-compatible with Mekanism v.7 and Mekanism v.8.
  • Minor fix to airlock controllers ("Player within x meters" and "Redstone signal" options can now be combined)
  • Other visual fixes to the GUI and to Thermal Padding item rendering

Version 3.0.10

Version adds stability and compatibility, especially for anyone wanting to update to Mekanism v.8. Details:

  • Compatibility with new Mekanism v.8: this is an essential update if you want to play Galacticraft with Mekanism v.8
  • Fixes the BungeeCord dimension login issues
  • Circuit Fabricator accepts silicon from other mods (exact type is configurable)
  • Fuel Loader accepts EnderIO Rocket Fuel
  • Applied Energistics 2 meteorites can now generate on the Moon and other space dimensions
  • A new config setting to allow retrospective oil generation if adding Galacticraft to existing worlds
  • Faster and more stable Moon world generation
  • Workaround for the CoFHCore flat bedrock bug which caused rare crashes on the Moon

Version 3.0.9

Version is a major playability update. It adds the following:

  • New optional Quick Mode config to play with double compressed metal production, meaning you can build Galacticraft items and blocks with half the regular amount of resources (1/4 the usual amount for building rockets)
  • New optional Hard Mode config with a list of tweaks to make the game more challenging
  • Improved freefall motion on Space Stations - it's a little easier to move around in survival mode (except in Hard Mode where it's fractionally harder than before)
  • Landing animation when you land from freefall onto a surface you can walk on
  • Evolved mobs adjust their jump according to the gravity - in low gravity, they don't jump so hard so they stay closer to the ground (and if anyone makes a high gravity planet in future, they will jump harder, meaning they can still jump up 1 block)
  • Evolved Zombie, Evolved Skeleton, Evolved Spider, Evolved Creeper now drop rare drops, some of them pretty nice - see each one's wiki page for details. Bring on those space mob grinders!
  • New texture for Asteroid rock - it should help with the low visibility issues in the Asteroids dimension
  • Fixed a few issues with Sun, Moon and stars visibility in orbit and in the Asteroids.

Version 3.0.8

Version adds these fixes:

  • Fixes the Space Race flag image saving issues on servers
  • Stops oil burning and fuel explosions if no oxygen is present
  • Burning mobs, players and arrows now work correctly in space dimensions - will burn if inside sealed spaces or oxygen bubbles
  • The Methane Synthesizer will not fill with CO2 on Mars if it is inside an oxygen bubble
  • The Coal Generator can now burn a Block of Coal as well as regular Coal

Version improves stability on servers, restores compatibility with Aether II mod, improves compatibility with Buildcraft oil (all the Galacticraft oil in the world will not now be lost if you install Buildcraft on an existing map), and makes pools of oil flammable and pools of Fuel liable to explode if there is fire nearby. Also adds a config to allow conversion losses when converting energy between Galacticraft and other mods.

Version adds around 20 different stability improvements and bugfixes, including issues caused by other mods using outdated Buildcraft API or RF API. Also better support for Galacticraft Add-Ons with planets with breathable atmospheres.

Version 3.0.7

Version adds compatibility with Gravestone and OpenBlocks/Grave mods for inventory saves on death; also many bugfixes - Sealable Oxygen Pipes are now working.

Version 3.0.6

Version adds compatibility for the newest version 1.0.2 of RF API (used by latest versions of Thermal Expansion and MFR)

Version improves compatibility with EnviroMine and Railcraft, and a couple of small bugfixes

Version fixes entity ID conflicts with OreSpawn mod

Version includes:

Version includes:

Version 3.0.5

Galacticraft 3.0.5 added:

  • Telemetry Unit for tracking players and rockets
  • a lot of stability fixes

Version 3.0.4

Galacticraft 3.0.4 added:

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