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First teaser image of Galacticraft 4's Venus posted by micdoodle8.

Galacticraft 4 (GC4) is the latest release in the Galacticraft mod series. Galacticraft 4 was officially released on May 27, 2017.

GC4 is available in Minecraft 1.12.2 (January 2018), and also versions for Minecraft 1.8.9, Minecraft 1.10.2 and Minecraft 1.11.2 (May 2017). Players can pick a version matching any other mods they want to use with Galacticraft, the features and gameplay in all four game versions of Galacticraft 4 are exactly the same! All these four game versions are continually updated together.

The main additions in GC4 include the beautiful new planet Venus and many things found there, including new ores, sulphuric acid pools, gas spouts, crashed probes, a new dungeon type and the Spider Queen. Heading in the other direction, there are spectacular Abandoned Bases to discover in the Asteroids dimension. These contain clues to further things...

New features

New features in GC4 include:

  • New ores and terrain blocks:
  • New space base building blocks:
    • Hydraulic Platform - a useful elevator for moving between levels of your base, looks great and intuitive to use.
    • Magnetic Crafting Table - a crafting table which holds its inventory, and can be placed on its side or even upside-down! Smart Shift-clicking of items into the crafting table. It remembers its last recipe to give simple automated crafting using Hoppers (or item pipes). And an attractive grey color!
    • Vacuum Glass - a sealed, vacuum-proof, glass window block which makes smart connections to its neighbors, in three variants including Clear Glass and Strong (explosion resistant) - in underwater bases it also provides perfectly clear underwater views
    • Lighting Panels - cool flat panels for giving a space base look to your lighting, in many different designs. Can be set in-game to match the texture of any block, by holding the Lighting Panel and shift-right-clicking against the block whose texture you want to copy. Can be colored for any color of lighting.
    • Fluid Pipes - these replace Oxygen Pipes in earlier Galacticraft versions, and can transport oxygen gas or many other types of gas or liquid, including a simple "pull" mechanism (when right-clicked with a Standard Wrench) to pump liquids out of a tank [Note: pipes must have length at least 2: pipes of length 1 will not pump because 1 pipe block cannot pump liquids out and in at the same time]]
    • Fluid Tanks - simple glass tanks which can hold 16 buckets of any liquid or gas - stack them vertically to make larger tanks
    • Switchable Aluminum Wire - make all your power circuits turn off and onable with this redstone operated switch wire
    • Hidden Redstone wire and Hidden Redstone repeaters - these are solid blocks which function like redstone
    • Dark decoration block - a near-black block for building space bases with a dark theme
    • Emergency Post - a brightly lit block which actively repels mobs, and which can hold one Space Emergency Kit until needed
    • Grating - a decorative block for a space / industrial look, it allows liquids to flow through it and steam / smoke can also pass through it
  • New machines:
  • New items:
  • more to come...

Existing features and compatibility

Galacticraft 4 will include everything which was already in Galacticraft 3, updated for the latest Minecraft versions.

Galacticraft 4 again has very wide compatibility with other mods, like Galacticraft 3. All energy systems in Galacticraft 4 interface correctly with RF power and with IndustrialCraft2 and Mekanism, so that players and modpack makers can pick any of these tech mods. Fluid sytems should also be compatible with everything.

Galacticraft 4 again gives the option of using PlayerAPI for compatibility with other mods which conflict without it.

You may notice a few blocks (for example Cryogenic Chamber) have a slightly different appearance in Galacticraft 4. This is to improve overall performance (better FPS).

Galacticraft 4 has an API usable by add-on creators and other mods. This gives add-ons (and other mods) more capabilities than ever before. New aspects include adding gravity items to reverse the effects of Zero Gravity on Space Stations - for example Gravity Boots - and allowing other Forge mods to add their own mobs on Galacticraft planets.

Gameplay differences

Venus will require a Tier 3 rocket to reach it. That's because it's a more challenging planet than Mars. So players should be visiting Mars first and then have the choice of heading outwards to Asteroids or inwards to Venus.

Many detailed improvements to the gameplay and mechanics:

Sensor Glasses revealing an Oxygen leak
  • Astro Miner will now keep on mining properly even if it moves into unloaded chunks far from the player - it shouldn't ever get lost, even mining distant asteroids in the Asteroids dimension
  • Rocket transfers to the Celestial Selection screen and, from there into a Lander, are smoother
  • New holding screen (similar to the Generating Terrain screen) so no more visual glitches when changing dimensions
  • More intuitive Zero-G movement (this change is also included in the final versions of Galacticraft 3)
  • Sensor Glasses now reveal nearby Galacticraft mobs, useful when mining in dark places
  • Sensor Glasses now reveal oxygen leaks, if you have an Oxygen Sealer which is not sealing
  • Many machine sides have configurable electric and pipe inputs, see list above
  • Improved dungeon generation on Moon and Mars, all dungeons have boss and treasure rooms
  • Alien Villagers will trade items for sapphires. They will trade Schematics with you if you end up with two Moon Buggies and no Tier 2 Rocket
  • Arc Lamp lights in a more natural cone, and scares off hostile mobs more effectively
  • Your Schematics can now be hung on walls, similar to paintings!
  • Cryogenic Chamber now advances the time to next morning only in the dimension where it is, time in other dimensions is not affected (this change is also included in the final versions of Galacticraft 3)
  • Aluminum Ore can be processed in IndustrialCraft2 Macerator, also in AppliedEnergistics2 Grindstone, Actually Additions Crusher, EnderIO SAG Mill (requires config setting in EnderIO), and Thermal Expansion Pulverizer
  • Fallen Meteors now mine faster with the proper tools, and have a good chance of dropping two Raw Meteoric Iron
  • Desh Sword has an additional minor capability: it is so tough it can break leaves or webs without losing any durability
  • Titanium Sword has increased damage, it now has base damage of 9 (compared with 7 from a Diamond Sword) and it also swings faster for higher dps (damage per second)
  • Titanium Pickaxe and other Titanium tools mine faster than before - with Efficiency V enchantment they are very fast
  • Titanium armor gives a movement speed bonus when walking and running, if a full set of Titanium Armor is worn
  • New /gchouston command which every player can use any time, to return to the Overworld bed position
  • New /gckit command which server admins can use to give a Space Emergency Kit to any player who is stranded.
  • Dispenser can place rockets on launchpads, also can throw meteor chunks and place and pick up buckets of Galacticraft fluids
  • Players in a Space Race team will all receive the benefit of Schematics unlocked by any team member.

The config file has been cleaned up as of Galacticraft build onwards. All the configs are now organised in logical categories. All your existing config entries are preserved. The mod will automatically tidy up any older config file. The in-game config works properly now.


Download Galacticraft

As with other Galacticraft versions, Galacticraft 4 consists of four mod files: GalacticraftCore, Galacticraft-Planets, MicdoodleCore and Galacticraft-Foods.

Download links to Galacticraft for Minecraft 1.8.9 - 1.10.2 - 1.11.2 - 1.12.2 can be found on the official Galacticraft Download page. For Galacticraft-Foods you can open this link: [1]

Servers and Sponge

Most large multiplayer servers will want to be running Sponge, as Bukkit doesn't exist for the recent Minecraft versions. (As an alternative to Sponge you can also look for simpler server mods like ForgeEssentials.)

Galacticraft 4, versions for Minecraft 1.10.2 and later are Sponge compatible on servers. The Galacticraft developers have worked with Sponge to fix a couple of bugs in Sponge, to ensure that it works for you!

Recommended Sponge versions change from time to time, please visit the Sponge page for more info, or ask on the forum.



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