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An example of an Abandoned Base.

The Abandoned Base is a structure added in Galacticraft 4 in the Asteroids dimension. It is generated during worldgen, similar to villages, temples, and Galacticraft dungeons in other dimensions.


Abandoned Bases are found randomly in the Asteroids dimension. There are many Abandoned Bases in the dimension, roughly one in each 600 block square.

They are always embedded in asteroids. They are normally easy to spot because their regular features make a contrast with the irregular asteroids. But they can be hard to spot, if embedded deeply in a very large asteroid, or if on the unlit side of an asteroid.

They can be found at any height, so players searching for them should look up and down.

The Creative-only Dungeon Locator item will point to the direction of the nearest Abandoned Base, in the Asteroids Dimension.


There are three basic types. The types can be distinguished by their wall blocks (tin decoration blocks or grey rock), their windows (three types), and the shapes of rooms, corridors and entrances.

Internally in the game code, the three types are referred to as "Humanoid", "Tunneler" and "Avian" ... so perhaps the Abandoned Bases were originally built by different species?

The "Humanoid" type is constructed from Tin Decoration Blocks, has regular corridors, Air Locks for room entrances, and clear Vacuum Glass for windows.

The "Tunneler" type is constructed from grey Moon Rock, has corridors and rooms with a tunnel-like profile, round holes for room entrances, and strong Vacuum Glass for windows.

The "Avian" type is constructed from grey Moon Rock, has corridors with strange channels and projections and a claustrophobic feeling for human players, strangely shaped holes for room entrances (is that for wings?) and vanilla-textured Vacuum Glass for windows. (Kind of like those blackbird window stickers - we wouldn't want any flying creatures to stun themselves by flying into the glass.)

In addition to these three basic types, the Abandoned Base can be spawned in different sizes, and some have a large external hangar deck.

Hangar Deck

The hangar deck is a spacious space deck, with various struts and structures which might in the past have been used for space ships when the base was operational? The deck is partly damaged, perhaps by an asteroid strike or other unknown event...

The hangar deck is unlit when first discovered, but can be lit by overhead Arc Lamps which switch on automatically if a player enters the control area. A large Air Lock leads to the control area, and a large window overlooks the entire hangar deck.

If players want to raid the hangar deck for blocks for use in their own base, there are many Walkway blocks, also Tin Decoration Blocks, iron railings, stairs, Hidden Redstone Wire and Hidden Redstone Repeaters connected to the Arc Lamps, and others...

Abandoned Base Rooms

The following rooms can be found:

  • Empty room
  • Empty room with pillars (may contain Space Wart)
  • Cargo loading bay
  • Power room
  • Engineering
  • "Medical" (though you might actually not want to have a procedure done here...)
  • Recreation
  • Cryogenic Chamber bay
  • Control/Comms room

There are some loot items to be found, though much of it by now consists of spoiled food (Poisonous Potato, Rotten Flesh) or other useless items.

High value loot items include:


  • Mobs can spawn inside Abandoned Bases, so take care when you first enter
  • Occasionally walls may be missing or there may be other damage. But normally the Abandoned Base is an intact, sealable, structure when first found
  • Much of the loot in the Abandoned Base is the blocks it it made from. The Dark Decoration Block, which cannot be crafted, is found only here.
  • If you break the Cargo Loader here, all of its contents will be lost. So don't do that.