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A cut-away example of a Moon Dungeon. See Screenshots for a top-view image.

The Moon Dungeon is a naturally generated structure found at the bottom of narrow and deep craters on the moon. It is considered the tier 1 Dungeon since its boss is considered easier than existing and planned bosses. Its loot is superior to regular Overworld dungeons, but is considered not as valuable as tier 2 dungeons and above (planned for future updates).

Its structure is made of Moon Dungeon Bricks. There can be more than one dungeon on the moon, they are generated about 500 m apart from each other.


The Long Hallways

The moon dungeon resembles in fact a small version of an Overworld stronghold, but linear, shorter, harder and dark. Torches don't work here because of the lack of oxygen, however other light emitters such as Glowstone Torches do. You have to get through narrow hallways where hostile mobs spawn and cobwebs block the way. There are intermediate rooms with monster spawners, but you may find one or two rooms with a chest with supplies and finds in the way.

The Boss Room and The Treasure Room

The boss, the Evolved Skeleton Boss, is held in the Boss Room, a room before the treasure room. It is a big room (15 x 17 x 8 m) decorated with iron bars on the walls and lava pillars that provide some light, one lava pillar at each corner. Once the boss is defeated and you have obtained the Tier 1 Dungeon Key, you can then head to the next and last room to open the treasure chest and get the loot.

Info: No other mob besides the player and the boss can enter the Boss Room. If any other mob attempts to do so will despawn.


  • The best period to explore a moon dungeon is during local daytime. During the moon nighttime even the light emitters (e.g. glowstone blocks) are dimmed. See Moon day-night cycle.
  • Make sure you have light up properly your way out if you don't want to face hostiles. For the intermediate rooms, light them up or break the spawners.
  • To break the cobwebs use a sword with Sharpness or use water to wash away the cobwebs.



Moon Dungeon and Boss fight

Link: Minecraft: Galacticraft - Moon's boss dungeon (playtest)

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