Hydraulic Platform

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Hydraulic Platform
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Hydraulic Platform







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The Hydraulic Platform is an elevator. It moves the player to another Hydraulic Platform above or below. The movement is smooth and realistic like an elevator - it is not a teleporter.

The Hydraulic Platform works just as well in low gravity or Space Station dimensions, making it an excellent way to move between different levels of your base in these dimensions. It can also make a handy way to enter and exit from underground bases on any world.

First appearance: Galacticraft 4 build (February 2018). Stable from build 135.



When 4 Hydraulic Platform blocks are placed down in a square, they will join up to make one working platform.

Build a second platform directly above or below the first platform. All the blocks between the two platforms must be cleared to make a clear elevator shaft.

When a player walks onto the platorm (central part), green indicator lights will show that it is ready to activate. Activate it by pressing JUMP to go up, or SNEAK to go down. The player will be lifted or lowered to the other platform.

If the indicator lights show red when a platform is activated, this tells you that the destination platform is blocked.


To work correctly, platforms must be not more than 16 blocks apart, vertically. They must also have at least 2 blocks spacing between them so that there is enough room for the player to stand.

You can have multiple platforms in a vertical shaft. For example in your mining area you could build platforms at levels 1, 16, 32, 48 and 64, and you can move up and down between all of them.

The player can mine and place blocks while the platform is moving. Be careful not to place blocks obstructing your own movement!

The platform can move past ladders, torches, signs.

The player is semi-locked in position while the platform is moving. This means the player can walk extremely slowly (slower than sneaking) and the player cannot jump.

If an explosion or other block damage destroys the destination platform while the player is moving, the player will still complete the motion.

Known Limitations

If the player leaves the game while mid-way moving between platforms, when he next rejoins the game he will fall back to the platform below. He can take some fall damage if it was a long way down.

If blocks, liquids or other entities block the platform motion after it already started moving, in rare situations the player might "judder", moving in and out of a block indefinitely - quit and rejoin the game to fix this.

In multiplayer situations, only the player who activates the platform will see the moving animation - may be fixed in a future build

Crafting Recipe

Piston Glowstone Dust Piston Grid layout Arrow (small).png Hydraulic Platform4
Compressed Steel Basic Wafer Compressed Steel
Piston Glowstone Dust Piston

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