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This block can be broken with any tool, but a pickaxe is the quickest


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The Terraformer is a machine introduced in Galacticraft 2 which allows the transformation of a landscape from being infertile to being cultivable. It will create a large green bubble and slowly transform the superficial blocks, not the deeper ones, of the moon or planet into grass blocks. It does not provide oxygen though (for this purpose, use an Oxygen Bubble Distributor for open-air areas or Oxygen Sealer for airtight spaces).


A Terraformer planting trees from multiple mods

The Terraformer also has the ability to plant trees and make small water pounds when supplied with the proper materials. Grass blocks require seeds, trees require Oak tree saplings, and both grass and trees require bone meal in order for them to be placed. Water can be placed by filling the water storage inside the machine.

In Galacticraft 3 the Terraformer was enhanced to accept any type of saplings, including many types of sapling from other mods. It will randomly plant a sapling from one of the four sapling slots, which can each contain a different type. It will attempt to grow the sapling, but some types of sapling will not grow if they have special growth requirements: for example, Dark Oak saplings (introduced in Minecraft 1.7) will not grow unless four saplings are placed together in a 2x2 grid. Slow growing saplings (including some sapling types from other mods) may or may not grow, it is somewhat random. The Terraformer can also accept bushes in the sapling slots, which will be planted in the same way.


Currently, the Terraformer only converts Moon Turf and Mars Surface Rock within a 14m radius sphere.

To terraform the entire area within the bubble, the machine will require at least (may vary):

  • 2 water buckets;
  • 3 stacks of seeds;
  • 3 stacks of bone meal;
  • saplings (optional);
  • 10-12 MJ of energy.

The Terraformer is done when it shows "No Valid Blocks in Bubble". Note that if fully stocked with seeds and saplings, that No Valid Blocks message can also mean: there are no remaining blocks which can be converted into grass (but the machine might be able to continue working to plant saplings) or there are currently no grass blocks where saplings can be planted (but the machine might be able to continue working to convert Moon Turf or Mars Surface Rock to grass).

In Galacticraft 2 the Terraformer accepts any of the four kinds of vanilla tree sapling, but whichever type of sapling it contains it will in fact plant only small Oak trees. In Galacticraft 3 as covered above it can plant all sapling types.

This video (from 3:13 to 3:50) depicts the use of the Terraformer on Mars.

Crafting Recipe

Please note that Galacticraft interim versions through to had a recipe bug where this item could not be crafted. This was fixed as of version

Galacticraft 2 & 3:

Desh Ingot Compressed Desh Desh Ingot Grid layout Arrow (small).png Terraformer
Desh Ingot Tin Canister Desh Ingot
Compressed Desh Oxygen Concentrator Compressed Desh


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