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This page gives you some ideas for some of the things you can do in Galacticraft.

How to start

How to build a rocket

  • To build your first rocket you need a NASA Workbench and lots of compressed metal
  • To make all that metal, two Electric Compressors running side by side is a good idea - or enable Quick Mode
  • You will also need Fuel for your rocket, and a Fuel Loader and something to power it, and a launch pad
  • Before heading into space, you will also need full oxygen gear and some tanks of breathable oxygen
  • It's a good idea to take spares of all these things to space with you, in case you run into trouble up there....
  • Thinking about potential trouble on the Moon, some good armor and weapons might be a good plan ...

How to get rescued

Without careful planning, it's possible to get stranded on the Moon or other planets in Galacticraft. Especially if you crash! Even if you did take everything up there with you, mob attacks or other unpleasantness can leave you in a spot where you have no access to oxygen, fuel or even a rocket home. Here are a few things to try:

  • you will normally respawn at your touchdown location if you die on the Moon or other planets
  • you need items in this order: oxygen, food, shelter, armor, a weapon
  • if dropped items like Oxygen Mask are nearby, you can run and get them - if you don't have time to get them all, try to move some of them closer to your respawn position for next time you die (use Q to drop them)
  • there is a Config for GalacticraftCore, Force Overworld spawn - set this = true and the next time the player dies, he will re-spawn on the Overworld
  • in Galacticraft 4, the /gchouston command (usable by all players) can take you safely home to your bed on the Overworld
  • in Galacticraft 4, before you leave the Overworld you can craft yourself a Space Emergency Kit and when you arrive on the Moon, put it in an Emergency Post close to your touchdown location, so it will be there for you if you die
  • (in older Galacticraft versions you can do the same, just place a few essential oxygen items in a chest)
  • in Galacticraft 4, a server operator (or you, if cheats are enabled!) can use the /gckit command to spawn in a Space Emergency Kit
  • in Galacticraft 4, the player can trade with Alien Villagers in a Moon Village for some items - there's even enough here to craft a Fuel Loader and power it and fill it, if you have lots of Sapphires
  • eating a Can of Food drops a Tin Canister which might be that one essential item that you need
  • a server operator (or you, if cheats are enabled) can use the /dimensiontp command to go to any Galacticraft dimension.

How to get more metals

  • You might need a way to produce 2x metal ingots from 1x ore. It's assumed most players will have an ore-processing mod installed like IndustrialCraft 2 or Mekanism or Thermal Expansion, but you don't have to.
  • Galacticraft can produce double metal from ores using the Electric Arc Furnace.
  • In the Galacticraft Core config you can switch on Quick Mode. This makes the Electric Ingot Compressor produce 2x compressed metal from 2x ingots - so that's twice as much compressed metal.
  • The Deconstructor is a recycling machine which can turn your old or unused items - including things like Tier 1 Rocket - into compressed metal or ingots.
  • A Tin Canister or Copper Canister can be smelted to recover some metal ingots.
  • Galacticraft evolved mobs have rare drops of oxygen tanks and other items, which can be recycled.
  • The Abandoned Base in the Asteroids dimension contains some hardware...
  • On Venus a Crashed Probe can yield lots of advanced metals.
  • Go mining!

How to speed up the machines

How to increase your mining

  • The Astro Miner is a fully automatic mining machine. Once you have one of these you should never have to go mining again!
  • In the Asteroids dimension, some of the asteroids have solid cores of ore, or even cores of Solid Meteoric Iron.
  • The Sensor Glasses can maybe help you locate valuable ores.

How to carry more items

  • A pet Slimeling will follow you around everywhere on Mars. Equipped with a Slimeling Inventory Bag it will be able to carry items for you.
  • Once hatched, there is no easy way to bring this pet away from Mars, unfortunately.
  • But you can mine a Slimeling egg on Mars and bring that away with you.

How to grow trees automatically

  • The Terraformer is intended for terraforming Mars terrain, but it can also be used on any planet as an automatic tree-planting machine. You'd need to keep it fully stocked with saplings...

How to create items automatically

  • The Electric Ingot Compressor can accept input items from Hoppers or from item pipes from other mods.
  • If the item pipes from other mods are dumb (not placing items into the correct spots for the compressor) you can instead try piping items into a Hopper next to the Ingot Compressor - the Hopper can then fill the Ingot Compressor
  • If you have problems automating it with AE2 - it doesn't understand about giving the same input item twice over - you can try using two different types of the same metal in 1 recipe - for example IC2 copper ingot + Galacticraft copper ingot to make Compressed Copper. AE2 should understand that.
  • The Magnetic Crafting Table can accept input items from Hoppers (or item pipes) and will automatically craft them into the last good recipe it crafted.

How to make Fuel automatically

How to travel a long distance on the Overworld

  • You can travel between any two locations on the Overworld if you have a Rocket Launch Pad and a powered Launch Controller at both.
  • Just take a rocket to get to your destination very quickly. A Tier 3 Rocket flies the fastest.
  • This means you can get to any place you have already built a base at, if you have these things there.
  • If you are planning on making a long journey to the edge of the Overworld map, you might want to take with you some Rocket Launch Pads, a rocket, a Launch Controller, a Fuel Loader - and some fuel and power for all these.
  • If you're not afraid of death, you could maybe try doing this without having a Rocket Launch Pad at your destination. You can fly any rocket horizontally on the Overworld - if you tilt it over that far. The rocket will keep flying until it runs out of fuel, and then it will crash land ... ! As long as you're over water when that happens, you might survive. This way you can go to a part of the map you have never been before. But there's probably at least a 50% chance of dying...

How to transport items automatically

  • You can build a system of Cargo Rockets, Launch Controllers, and Cargo Loaders to transport items automatically between any two bases.
  • Except the Nether. Rockets cannot fly in the Nether.
  • You might need to think about chunk loading if you are away from a base most of the time. Machines and power systems in Minecraft can only work if the chunks are loaded.
  • To help with this, a Launch Controller will automatically keep loaded the chunk it is in, and the chunk where its connected Rocket Launch Pad is. Be careful to make sure that power systems, storage, fuel supplies etc are also in the same 16 x 16 chunk as the Launch Controller, if you want the launch pad to operate completely automatically.

How to move on Space Stations

  • Moving around on zero-gravity space stations is difficult (especially in Hard Mode).
  • Try to stay inside the space station as much as possible - floating around outside it is dangerous.
  • Try to design your space station so that floors are level.
  • Use a Hydraulic Platform to move between different levels, that's better than stairs.
  • Don't panic! If you are drifting away, so long as you face towards the space station you can always get back to it in the end by flying forwards.
  • The Grapple can pull you back to the Space Station if you are drifting away from it.
  • Other mods can help. Some Galacticraft add-ons offer gravity boots, gravity generators or jetpack items.

How to fill a room with Breathable Air

  • The Oxygen Sealer fills a sealed room with breathable air. "Sealed" means no holes, doors or cracks. Just solid blocks all around (or Air Locks).
  • 1 x Oxygen Sealer only seals a fairly small room, for example 14 x 14 and 3 blocks high - or even smaller than that if the ceiling is higher.
  • If you have lots of working Oxygen Sealers in the same room, they can work together to seal a much larger space.
  • Very large spaces are possible, with a large number of sealers. But that's very wasteful of oxygen and power. So think about whether all the rooms in your base really need to be sealed?
  • It's probably a better design to break your base into rooms or sections and seal each one separately - then if one loses power or there is an explosion, the rest might still stay sealed. Use Air Locks to move between sections.
  • Place a regular Minecraft torch to see whether a space is sealed or unsealed. Or an Oxygen Detector. Or a rabbit...
  • If sealers don't seem to be working (but they have enough oxygen and power), your room is too large, or you have a leak.
  • Sensor Glasses can show you where the leak is.

How to travel between Asteroids

  • Simple bridges are easy to build. An 'Asteroid Staircase' can be built of solid blocks with steps 4 high, because you jump so high with the low gravity.
  • Walkway can make a nice-looking bridge if you have the resources for it
  • Minecarts on rails are a possibility. You could take advantage of the low gravity to make a Minecart rollercoaster? A Minecart can jump big gaps in this dimension...
  • The Grapple can help you travel quickly around. Video example It has a longer range than you think, can save you if you fall.
  • On regular routes, build a small landing platform with an overhead block which is easy to grapple. You could build a grapple parcour route between Asteroids?
  • The Short Range Telepad is a great way to move between two bases or high-value Asteroids.
  • For long journeys, you could set up different Rocket Launch Pads and use a Launch Controller to fly by rocket between them.

How to make best use of the Asteroids dimension

  • The Asteroids seem unhospitable, but there are some useful things here
  • If you have an Astro Miner it's a great dimension for automatic mining. The Astro Miner will mine only the core of each asteroid, and the Astro Miner moves faster in this dimension.
  • The Abandoned Base has a good amount of resources and some items which can be found nowhere else.
  • It is an excellent dimension - maybe one of the best in Minecraft - for building a Mob Farm because it is easy to control all the available mob spawning positions around your location. You can find a good spot and light up everything around.
  • If you like to play multiplayer on a server allowing raiding + griefing (can be a lot of fun!) then it's an excellent place to hide a base - no X-ray mod or X-ray trick can work in this dimension, and your base can easily be hidden inside an asteroid.