Magnetic Crafting Table

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Magnetic Crafting Table
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Space base


This block can be broken with any tool, but a pickaxe is the quickest


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First Appearance

Galacticraft 4

The Magnetic Crafting Table is similar to a vanilla Crafting Table in Minecraft: it allows the player to craft items.

It has the following improvements over a vanilla Crafting Table:

  • Holds items placed in it, even when the player closes the crafting screen
  • Remembers the last recipe crafted - so you can create the same recipe again just by shift-clicking on ingredients from your inventory, the ingredients will be shift-clicked to the correct positions to match the last recipe made
  • A Hopper (or an item pipe from another mod) can collect the crafted item out of the Magnetic Crafting Table
  • A Hopper] (or an item pipe from another mod) can insert ingredients into the Magnetic Crafting Table - ingredients will be inserted to match the last recipe crafted
  • Magnetic Crafting Table can be placed in different orientations - on the ground, on its side, or upside-down on the ceiling
  • Beautiful gray color to match your high-tech bases!


Use like a normal Crafting Table, except you can leave items in it.

You can also use the shift-click functionality. The Magnetic Crafting Table always remembers the last recipe successfully crafted. For example, you can craft one of an item. If you take that crafted item out of the Magnetic Crafting Table, it becomes the "remembered" item. Then you can shift-click on its various ingredients in your player inventory. The ingredients will be moved into the Magnetic Crafting Table in the pattern of the recipe, to make more of the remembered item.

Usage with a Hopper is similar. The Magnetic Crafting Table always remembers the last recipe successfully crafted, and it will accept items from a Hopper (or item pipe), if the items are ingredients needed to craft that remembered recipe. So you can set up automatic crafting of items, by making the item once yourself in the Magnetic Crafting Table, then fill an attached Hopper with ingredients to make more of that item. The Magnetic Crafting Table will keep on crafting the item over and over, for as long as it is fed with the needed ingredients.

To make an automatic factory for crafting lots of different items, you would need to use one Magnetic Crafting Table for each different item. Each Magnetic Crafting Table can remember only one recipe.


It is named the Magnetic Crafting Table for two reasons. It holds onto items even when you close it. It can also be used even when oriented on its side or upside-down.

In real life, astronauts in a space station (in a zero G or "weightless" environment where everything can float around) use a magnetic work surface for preparing food in the space station's galley. For example, the spoons and kitchen scissors they use are magnetic.