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The Galacticraft config files can be found in folder .minecraft/configs/Galacticraft. How to find the .minecraft folder

In Galacticraft 3 there are five config files:

  • core.conf - that's the main one
  • planets.conf - a small config for Mars and Asteroids
  • power-GC3.conf - that has the power conversion ratios
  • chunkloading.conf - a special config for chunk loading (a Launch Controller acts as a chunk loader) - you should not normally need to touch this
  • miccore.conf - you should not normally need to touch this; the Small Moons config is not currently in use.

(Note: prior to version the planets.conf was split into mars.conf and asteroids.conf. Updating Galacticraft to version or later will automatically merge these two config files while preserving your settings.)

The settings which have the biggest effect on the overall game (including easier and harder modes) are covered in Game Balance. Apart from those, the default settings should work for most people, but the configs are there for modpack creators and people who like to tweak.

If you change the configs and it breaks stuff, you can reset. Simply delete the whole Galacticraft folder from .minecraft/configs, and Galacticraft will re-make fresh configs next time the game starts.

Ever since Galacticraft version, all the Entity ID config settings (in core.conf and planets.conf) have no purpose and can safely be deleted or ignored, all entity IDs are now internally generated to reduce possible conflicts with other mods. People who started playing Galacticraft before then might still have the old configs set up.

For detailed information on how to set up a server properly see Tutorials/Space_Station_for_Server_Admins.

One point to watch: if in the standard Minecraft options, Video Settings, you set your Render Distance to anything less than 4 chunks you will lose visibility of the stars, and probably also the Sun, in the space dimensions. The same actually happens on the Overworld in vanilla Minecraft ... but it's more of a big deal in space!

Electrical power

For default power configs see Energy#Conversion_Ratios.

Galacticraft 3 and Galacticraft 4 are 100% compatible with RF mods and with every other major power system in modded Minecraft. This means you can use Galacticraft wires and Energy Storage Modules as an easy way to convert power between two other mods which can't connect directly.

(Galacticraft has a long history of energy compatibility, arising out of our participation in the original 'Universal Electricity' project. The Universal Electricity project was abandoned but Galacticraft kept the best parts from it and improved on them. Galacticraft now has the highest performance and most compatible energy system in modded Minecraft - tested by forum members in comparison tests between same-sized energy grids from different mods including EnderIO and others.)

(Except Gregtech. We're not compatible with Gregtech's electricity, because Gregtech made it so that other mods can't be compatible with their systems. Gregtech think all the other mods make electricity too easy ... )

Sealable blocks for Oxygen Sealers

For explanation of how to set the Sealable IDs config see SealableIDs and Sealed_Space#Working_with_other_mods.

Galacticraft recognises automatically whether most blocks are sealable or not sealable. But a few things have to be set up specially. Normally, that's only new types of glass introduced by other mods. (Tip: if you're using Carpenters Blocks, make sure the original block, which the Carpenters Block is made out of, is set to sealable.)

Sensor Glasses

To have the Sensor_Glasses detect additional ores, including ores from other mods, you - or the server owner if playing Multiplayer - will need to have set the additional ores in the core.conf under the Detectable IDs config like this (these are some vanilla ores, they can be removed if you like):

    # List blocks from other mods that the Sensor Glasses should recognize as solid blocks. Format is BlockName or BlockName:metadata.
    S:"External Detectable IDs" <

To set block names correctly there, follow the exact same procedure as described in SealableIDs. You only need to do that once.

This setting is done on your own Minecraft client in single player, but in multiplayer it will be overridden by the server settings. (That is done to prevent cheating, otherwise players could set the block IDs for chests, treasure chests or other desirable non-ore blocks...)

Here is an example of a config entry with detectable ores set up for Applied Energistics 2, Big Reactors, Biomes O'Plenty, IC2, Immersive Engineering, Railcraft, Thermal Foundation and Tinker's Construct

Silicon compatibility with other mods

Galacticraft consumes a lot of silicon, it's needed in the Circuit Fabricator. Silicon Ore is hard to find, but if you mine it with a Fortune III pick you can get plenty of silicon from a good mining expedition.

Galacticraft 3 offers compatibility with other mods' versions of silicon - for example, EnderIO can extract small amounts of silicon out of sand or clay, using the SAG Mill. If silicon from other mods is in the Ore Dictionary, then Galacticraft's Circuit Fabricator can use it. But you have to set in Galacticraft's core config what the OreDict name of the silicon in the other mod is, because there are a few different names can be used. The default is "itemSilicon" which is used by EnderIO and several other mods. Other tech mods - for example MineChem or GregTech - may have different versions, with different OreDict names like "plateSilicon", which are harder to make but maybe more suitable for Galacticraft as more of an end-game mod.

To disable Galacticraft from being able to use other mods' silicon, just change "itemSilicon" in Galacticraft's config to a word which can't be in the Ore Dictionary, like your cat's name.

If you want to make for a very hard game, you can even disable Galacticraft Silicon Ore from generating in the world, so there will be no Galacticraft silicon. If you then set an advanced item from some other mod as the OreDict name of silicon which Galacticraft must use, that could make it so even something as simple as a Galacticraft solar panel is a very late game item.

World Generation

These settings will be of interest for server owners, modpack makers and in single player if you are putting together your own mod list.

Each core.conf setting is shown here with its default value. Normally the settings are in this order in the config file in Galacticraft 3, but if you can't find one of the settings, the order in your file might be different (for example if you carried over config files from Galacticraft 2): that's OK, the order does not matter to the game, as long as settings are in the correct section of the config file - all these settings are under the general { heading.

Settings in core.conf

    # Increasing this will increase amount of oil that will generate in each chunk.
    D:"Oil Generation Factor"=1.8

This affects the base chance of finding an oil reservoir, so if this is higher there are basically more oil reservoirs. The chance will also be affected by the biome type, for example oil is more common in desert and ocean biomes, and very uncommon in hills biomes.

    # List of non-galacticraft dimension IDs to generate oil in.
    I:"Oil gen in external dimensions" <
Oil only generates naturally in non-Galacticraft dimensions, for example the Overworld. It's because the Overworld has long been rich in life and oil reservoirs have been laid down millions of years ago. Other planets in Galacticraft do not have life (or it is very well hidden!) The default setting of 0, here, causes oil to generate on the Overworld, but not the Nether or the End. If you do not want Galacticraft oil to generate at all (for example, because you have another mod which generates oil wells, for example BuildCraft) then remove the line with the 0. If you want Galacticraft oil to generate in more dimensions (for example, Twilight Forest or the Tropics), then add their dimension numbers after the 0, one per line. (Note that oil will never generate in the standard 'hell' and 'sky' biomes found in the Nether and the End in vanilla, so it only makes sense to add -1 and 1 if you have another mod which adds new biome types to the Nether or the End.)
    # If this is enabled, copper ore will generate on the overworld.
    B:"Enable Copper Ore Gen"=true

    # If this is enabled, tin ore will generate on the overworld.
    B:"Enable Tin Ore Gen"=true

    # If this is enabled, aluminum ore will generate on the overworld.
    B:"Enable Aluminum Ore Gen"=true

    # If this is enabled, silicon ore will generate on the overworld.
    B:"Enable Silicon Ore Gen"=true

These settings take effect on the Overworld. The main use for these is if players are finding too much copper and tin, because other mods (for example, IC2 and Mekanism) are also adding their own copper ore and tin ore to the world. It might also help to keep things simple if there is only one type of ore for each metal. Galacticraft is fully compatible with (OreDict registered) copper and tin ingots from other mods.

    # Disable Cheese Ore Gen on Moon.
    B:"Disable Cheese Ore Gen on Moon"=false

    # Disable Tin Ore Gen on Moon.
    B:"Disable Tin Ore Gen on Moon"=false

    # Disable Tin Ore Gen on Moon.
    B:"Disable Copper Ore Gen on Moon"=false

These are all self explanatory. They have effect on the Moon only. You might want to have Galacticraft copper and tin ores generate on the Moon even if they are not generated on the Overworld due to some other mod, because the other mod probably does not generate ores on the Moon. Also, Galacticraft's moon ores look good: they blend in to the Moon Rock.

    # If true, moon villages will not generate.
    B:"Disable Moon Village Gen"=false

Why would you not want Moon Villages?

    # If this is enabled, other mods' standard ores and all other features (eg. plants) can generate on the Moon and planets. Apart from looking wrong, this make cause 'Already Decorating!' type crashes.  NOT RECOMMENDED!  See Wiki.
    B:"Generate other mods features on planets"=false

It is strongly recommended to leave this on its default setting of: false. If you set it to true, you may have inappropriate items generating on the Moon and other planets (for example, IC2 rubber trees or Tinker's Construct Slime Islands) or you may get the dreaded "Already Decorating!" crash. To generate ores from other mods on the planets, you should instead use Galacticraft's custom ore generation, see below.

For GregTech ores on planets, there is a separate add-on GalacticGreg written by Blood Asp which will generate the ores; in Galacticraft and later, the add-on will operate just fine with that setting set to false (in earlier versions of Galacticraft, GalacticGreg needed that setting set to true or it could use an 'experimental' mode which caused a couple of problems as described in the link above).

    # If ThaumCraft is installed, ThaumCraft wild nodes can generate on the Moon and planets.
    B:"Generate ThaumCraft wild nodes on planetary surfaces"=true

This is included in Galacticraft and later. If you have Thaumcraft installed, you probably want to leave this set to true, it will give a few "wild" aura nodes on the planets (but no structure aura nodes, as there are no Thaumcraft structures on the planets).

    # Enter IDs of other mods' ores here for Galacticraft to generate them on the Moon and other planets. Format is BlockName or BlockName:metadata. Use optional parameters at end of each line: /RARE /UNCOMMON or /COMMON for rarity in a chunk; /DEEP /SHALLOW or /BOTH for height; /SINGLE /STANDARD or /LARGE for clump size; /XTRARANDOM for ores sometimes there sometimes not at all.  /ONLYMOON or /ONLYMARS if wanted on one planet only.  If nothing specified, defaults are /COMMON, /BOTH and /STANDARD.  Repeat lines to generate a huge quantity of ores.
    S:"Other mods ores for GC to generate on the Moon and planets" <

See Oregen for full details on how to use this setting. It is the recommended way to have some ores from other mods generate underground on the Moon and Mars. Asteroids coming soon.

Adding ores from other mods

There are two main ways to do it. It is not recommended to use the setting:

"Generate other mods features on planets"=true

This causes issues ranging from inappropriate worldgen to crashes, see above.

Instead, keep that set to false, and add the specific ores you want using Galacticraft's Oregen config. Alternatively (in Galacticraft versions and later) you can use CoFHCore's custom oregen feature - link - that's more complicated than the Galacticraft settings but it gives you a little more control.

If it's GregTech ores you want, neither approach will work but you can use Blood Asp's add-on, GalacticGreg, see link in previous section.

For nicely textured Moon, Mars, Asteroids (and Ice?!) versions of some additional vanilla ores and extra ores from other mods (mainly Thermal Foundation), check out InterstellarOres mod by Zerrens.

Biome ID Base

Main article: Biomes

Galacticraft adds biomes to the game (currently Space, Moon, Mars and Asteroids). These have biome IDs like any other biome in Minecraft (vanilla biomes) The default biome IDS in Galacticraft are:

  • Space 105
  • Moon 102
  • Mars 103
  • Asteroids 104

These IDs are chosen to avoid conflicts with most other popular mods which have biomes in their default configuration (especially, Biomes o' Plenty).

(From version In the event of conflict, the Galacticraft biome IDs may need to be altered. This is done through changing the Biome ID Base in core.conf. Galacticraft will use the range from the Biome ID Base to base + 3. Biome IDs 0 - 39 are taken by vanilla Minecraft and the maximum is 253. Therefore, the allowed range for this setting is 40 to 250. If this setting is changed, the world will need to be re-generated: Galacticraft dimensions in saved worlds will not load correctly if this is changed.

Adding the Galacticraft mod to an existing world

If you add Galacticraft to an existing world where your players already started walking around in the Overworld and so a lot of the map chunks are already generated, you will have the problem that all existing map chunks do not contain Galacticraft ores (also oil).

Galacticraft does not offer any way to "retrogen" its ores into the existing map chunks. But you can do that using CofHCore.

Underground oil can be added to an existing world using this config setting in .minecraft/config/Galacticraft/core.conf:

   B:"Retro Gen of GC Oil in existing map chunks"=true