Methane Synthesizer

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Methane Synthesizer
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Methane Synthesizer



Tier 2 Machines


This block can be broken with any tool, but a pickaxe is the quickest



The Methane Synthesizer is a block machine added in Galacticraft 3. Its only function is to make Methane Gas. The Methane Gas can then be turned into rocket fuel using the Gas Liquefier.

Methane Gas is made from hydrogen and carbon, so the Methane Synthesizer requires a source of each one. Hydrogen is from its internal Hydrogen Gas tank. Carbon can be from either one of two sources:

  • Fragmented Carbon in the carbon slot, or
  • Carbon Dioxide gas from the Carbon Dioxide gas tank.

It is a Tier 2 Machine so it receives a speed buff when powered with Tier 2 power.


The Methane Synthesizer accepts Hydrogen Gas into its gas tank through a pipe connected on the input (left) side of the machine. The Hydrogen Gas can be made by the Water Electrolyzer machine or from another mod.

Three different types of pipes can be used:

  • Galacticraft hydrogen pipes (added in version
  • a fluid pipe from another mod with fluid pipes
  • a Pressurized Tube from Mekanism mod, if it is carrying hydrogen gas.

The machine needs a source of carbon, which can be either Carbon Fragments in the carbon slot, or Carbon Dioxide gas in the Carbon Dioxide tank.

The Carbon Dioxide tank can receive Carbon Dioxide only if there is an Atmospheric Valve in the slot above it, and the machine will need to be on a planet with an atmosphere rich in Carbon Dioxide. Methane Synthesizer must be exposed to Carbon Dioxide-rich atmospheres to collect CO₂ from air. Inside a sealed space, the atmosphere is not "rich" in CO2 and the machine will not work.

To use the Atmospheric Valve: the top face of the machine must be clear, that is, not blocked by any other kind of block (including hoppers, chests etc), otherwise Carbon Dioxide will not be collected from the atmosphere!

When powered, the Methane Synthesizer will gradually convert the hydrogen and carbon into Methane Gas in its output tank.


Face Use Material
Front Main graphic -
Left Pipe input Hydrogen Gas
Right Pipe output Hydrogen Gas
Back Blank -
Top Blank (must be clear)
Bottom Wire input Energy


Methane Gas can be removed from the output tank in three different ways:

  • in a canister - place an Empty Canister in the output slot and it will be filled from the tank
  • a fluid pipe can be connected on the output side (right side of the machine) - note that Galacticraft has no fluid pipe, so it would have to be a fluid pipe from another mod
  • an Atmospheric Valve in the output slot will empty the output tank into the atmosphere (the Methane Gas will be lost)


  • Mars has an atmosphere very rich in Carbon Dioxide.
  • On the other hand, the Overworld is not rich in Carbon Dioxide, as the percentage is less than 0.1%.


Heavy Oxygen Tank Oxygen Vent Heavy Oxygen Tank Grid layout Arrow (small).png Methane Synthesizer
Oxygen Pipe Fluid Manipulator Oxygen Pipe
Electric Furnace Compressed Bronze Oxygen Compressor

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