Fragmented Carbon

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Fragmented Carbon
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Fragmented Carbon



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Fragmented Carbon is used in the Methane Synthesizer as one of the two possible ways to provide a source of carbon which that machine needs, for eventually making Fuel. Fragmented Carbon can be made from either carbon or charcoal - so an unlimited supply of it can be made if you have a tree farm.

Update: From Galacticraft version for Minecraft 1.12.2, build, Fragmented Carbon can also be made by smelting wooden planks (in any furnace) or smaller wooden items like stairs, doors, bows and wooden swords (in Galacticraft Electric Furnace or Electric Arc Furnace only).


The Methane Synthesizer works by blowing super-heated hydrogen gas at a temperature of 400 °C through a 'bed' of carbon fragments, this makes methane gas. Methane is a gaseous fuel (also named 'natural gas'). With further processing and refining, it can be used to create other fuels.

This approach can be used in real life, to create fuel from carbon and hydrogen. It is best done in an oxygen-free environment. It is potentially a method to manufacture unlimited fuel on Mars, so long as there is solar energy, and water or water ice as a source of hydrogen. The Mars atmosphere has plentiful carbon dioxide which (with a metal catalyst) can be used as an unlimited source of carbon. Further reading: WiredSpaceX.


Coal     Grid layout Arrow (small).png Fragmented Carbon8
      Grid layout Shapeless.png

Charcoal     Grid layout Arrow (small).png Fragmented Carbon4
      Grid layout Shapeless.png

Note: A recipe making 64 Fragmented Carbon from a Coal Block was formerly included in Galacticraft 3 version 3.0.3 to 3.0.8, but was removed since 3.0.9 due to it clashing with the vanilla recipe (1 Coal Block -> 9 Coal).

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