Moon Village

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An example of a Moon Village

Moon Villages are generated structures made of buildings where Alien Villagers live and walk about, and are found only on the Moon.


Moon Villages generate naturally anywhere on the Moon surface, normally from 100 to 1000 blocks apart.


These villages have similarities with those ones found on the Overworld: they have houses, streets with lamp posts, farms and a well. But these are also notable differences:

  • All the buildings are houses and look the same. They all are domes made of Tin Decoration Blocks. All the houses share the same size and shape and have glass skylights, but no doors, and there is no other kind of buildings.
  • The farms are for trees instead of wheat or other kind of plants.
  • The streets are made of wooden planks and the lamp posts use Glowstone Torches.

These villages do not suffer from zombie sieges like the Overworld's counterpart, so it is pretty common to find Moon Villagers roaming outside even during the night.


  • Despite the Moon being completely airless, the well and the farms have liquid water.
  • The tree farms have dirt blocks; you can use these farms to cultivate plants (e.g. wheat, melons) without using Terraformers.
  • The dome-houses are airtight; you can use them to make your permanent base with the use of air lock doors and Oxygen Sealers.