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Can of Food
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Can of Food







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Can of Food is a type of food added in Galacticraft 2. It contains a kind of dehydrated food.

In Galacticraft 2 and Galacticraft 3, there are only four types of dehydrated food available:

  • Dehydrated Apples
  • Dehydrated Carrots
  • Dehydrated Melons
  • Dehydrated Potatoes

In Galacticraft 4 there are those four and also:

  • Canned Beef

NOTE: Potatoes must be in their raw, uncooked forms to be canned.

Eating dehydrated foods works the same as all food: simply hold it in your hand and hold right-click. Upon consumption, you will receive double the amount of hunger restoration per can compared to eating a single un-canned version of that food since there are two food items in every can. In other words, you are eating two raw potatoes, two apples, two melons, or two carrots at a time. Once the food is eaten, you will drop an empty Tin Canister.

It is made by placing one Tin Canister and two food items in a crafting bench.

Nourishment value

Name Icon Food Points
Dehydrated Apples Grid Dehydrated Apples.png Hunger.pngHunger.pngHunger.pngHunger.png
Dehydrated Carrots Grid Dehydrated Carrots.png Hunger.pngHunger.pngHunger.png
Dehydrated Melons Grid Dehydrated Melons.png Hunger.pngHunger.png
Dehydrated Potatoes Grid Can of Food.png Hunger.png
Canned Beef Grid Canned Beef.png Hunger.pngHunger.pngHunger.pngHunger.png


Dehydrated Apples

      Grid layout Arrow (small).png Dehydrated Apples
Tin Canister Apple Apple
      Grid layout Shapeless.png

Dehydrated Carrots

      Grid layout Arrow (small).png Dehydrated Carrots
Tin Canister Carrot Carrot
      Grid layout Shapeless.png

Dehydrated Melons

      Grid layout Arrow (small).png Dehydrated Melons
Tin Canister Melon Melon
      Grid layout Shapeless.png

Dehydrated Potato

      Grid layout Arrow (small).png Can of Food
Tin Canister Potato Potato
      Grid layout Shapeless.png

Canned Beef

      Grid layout Arrow (small).png Canned Beef
Tin Canister Ground Beef Ground Beef
      Grid layout Shapeless.png

Crafting Uses

Dehydrated Potato is used as an ingredient in the Space Emergency Kit.

Data values

Can of Food has the ID name GalacticraftCore:item.basicItem, data value 15 for Dehydrated Apples, 16 for Dehydrated Carrots, 17 for Dehydrated Melons, and 18 for Dehydrated Potatoes. (Note: lowercase galacticraftcore in versions for Minecraft 1.11.2 and Minecraft 1.12.2)

In Galacticraft 4 (from build 161 onwards) this has changed to with data values 0-9.