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Sensor Glasses
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Sensor Glasses



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Sensor Glasses can help you locate nearby ores. To use the glasses, place them in the helmet armor location in the inventory. An interface will then appear with a large blue circle. This works equally well in the Overworld or on the Moon and any ore within 5 spaces should be indicated.

In Galacticraft 4, the Sensor Glasses can also show you oxygen leaks.

Crafting Recipe

Galacticraft 2-4 recipe:

String Diamond String Grid layout Arrow (small).png Sensor Glasses
String   String
Sensor Lens Meteoric Iron Ingot Sensor Lens

Older Galacticraft 1 recipe with Basic Components:

Meteoric Iron Ingot Meteoric Iron Ingot Meteoric Iron Ingot Grid layout Arrow (small).png Sensor Glasses
Meteoric Iron Ingot   Meteoric Iron Ingot
Sensor Lens Meteoric Iron Ingot Sensor Lens


The glasses must be equipped in the helmet armor slot in your inventory. They may be toggled into two modes: Regular and Advanced (the specific key binding can be adjusted under Options... -> Controls... -> [GC] Toggle Sensor Goggles Mode).

For detection of additional ores (including ores from other mods) you - or the server owner if playing Multiplayer - will need to have set the additional ores in the Config.

Regular Mode

If you are within five spaces of an ore, a blue square will appear on the screen. This will be shown in relation to the crosshair in the middle of the screen. If you move around until the square is directly over the crosshair you will be either directly above or below the ore.

Advanced Mode

If you toggle Advanced Mode, the ores indicated will now move in relation to the x- and y-axis, which may allow you to more easily find ores.

Detecting Oxygen Leaks

In Galacticraft 4, if you are trying to seal a room using an Oxygen Sealer but it reports the space is too large to seal, there might be a leak. Sensor Glasses will show you the oxygen escaping from the Oxygen Sealer and the route it is taking out of the room, so you may be able to find the leak.

Tracing an oxygen leak


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