Short Range Telepad

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Short Range Telepad
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Short Range Telepad



Space base


This block can be broken with any tool, but a pickaxe is the quickest



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The Short Range Telepad is new feature added in Galacticraft 3. Used in pairs, it makes for a science fiction-style teleporter which teleports the player from one place to another place.

In Survival Single Player mode it can only be built after the player has reached the Asteroids dimension, as it includes Compressed Titanium in its recipe.


  • Place down a Short Range Telepad in the location you want to teleport from, and place down another one in the location you want to teleport to.
  • Make sure both Short Range Telepads are powered.
  • Right-click each pad to open its GUI and set the frequency. The Destination Frequency set on the 'sending' pad must match the frequency you have set on the 'arrival' pad.
  • When the player stands on the 'sending' pad, the beam of particles will change color, and after a few seconds the player will be teleported to the other pad, the 'arrival' pad.

Each color of particles, and which direction they are falling means something different.

  • Red means either the address or the target address is not valid.
  • Orange means that both the address and target address are valid, but the Short Range Telepad does not have enough power.
  • Blue means that the Short Range Telepad is useable.
  • Particles falling down concern the Short Range Telepad address.
  • Particles falling up concern the Short Range Telepad's target address.
  • If red particles are falling up but blue particles are falling down, the Short Range Telepad can receive from another Short Range Telepad. If red particles are falling down, but blue particles are falling up, the Short Range Telepad cannot receive, but can still send to another Short Range Telepad.


  • Two Short Range Telepads can only make a link if they are in the same dimension and within approximately 250 blocks distance from each other
  • Graphically it is intended that you should make power connections to the pads from above or from the underside.
  • Use them to teleport between asteroids if you have a base on two different asteroids
  • Use them like an elevator in any of your bases


Compressed Titanium Beam Core Compressed Titanium Grid layout Arrow (small).png Short Range Telepad
Ender Pearl Redstone Ender Pearl
Compressed Titanium Compressed Titanium Compressed Titanium


A pig about to be teleported to another pad. Screenshot taken in Galacticraft 4.