Slimeling Inventory Bag

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Slimeling Inventory Bag
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Slimeling Inventory Bag







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The Slimeling Inventory Bag is a chest that can be equipped on Slimelings. It adds item storage to the mob as well as chests to vanilla donkeys or mules.

A Slimeling Inventory Bag can provide 27 inventory slots, as many slots as a single chest, but lesser than a chest equipped on donkey and mules (15 slots).


To equip the Slimeling you own:

  1. Right-click it, it will open its inventory.
  2. In the Slimeling inventory, click on the Chest icon on the right (only the owner can open it).
  3. In the next window, place the Slimeling Inventory Bag in the lower slot available on the left (the upper slot is reserved for a helmet to be implemented).
  4. Now you can place items in the bag.

To leave the Slimeling storage window, just hit ESC or click on ... icon.

This video (from 5:03 to 5:20) depicts the use of the Slimeling Inventory Bag.

Prior to Galacticraft 3, if you remove the bag with items in it, all items will be dropped. But the same will not happen if the Slimeling dies while equipped with the bag, all items in the bag will be lost along with the death of the Slimeling!
Slimeling Inventory Bag GUI

Crafting Recipe

Leather Diamond Leather Grid layout Arrow (small).png Slimeling Inventory Bag
Leather Slimeball Leather

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