Tier 3 Rocket

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Tier 3 Rocket
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The Tier 3 Rocket is a rocket that is added with Galacticraft 3. It can be unlocked by obtaining the Tier 3 Rocket Schematic from a Mars Dungeon and placing the schematic in a NASA Workbench.

The Tier 3 Rocket is required in order to reach the Asteroids dimension. As with previous rocket tiers, using a Tier 3 Rocket will still allow you to reach all lower tier dimensions (i.e. Moon, Space Station, Mars).

This rocket can be loaded with 1500 fuel points (1500 mB or 1.5 buckets) of Rocket Fuel. The safe fuel level is 80%. this rocket travel at 50 blocks/second, so it can reach the planet selection screen in 24 seconds. This is the fastest rocket now existing in Galacticraft


In order to craft a Tier 3 Rocket, you will need 10 Tier 3 Heavy-Duty Plates, one Heavy Nose Cone, one Heavy Rocket Engine, four Heavy Rocket Fins, and two Tier 1 Boosters. As with both previous rocket tiers, you may add up to 3 chests in the top right slots when crafting to increase the storage capacity.


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