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The Deconstructor is a new machine added in Galacticraft 4. It takes apart your old rockets (and some other Galacticraft items) and salvages the metals for re-use.

The Deconstructor takes any item as an input. The machine takes the item apart, and salvages any metal ingots, metal plates or other metallic components (metal poles, gold nuggets) it is made from.

First appearance: Galacticraft


There is a 70-75% salvage rate - slightly random each time - compared with the original materials required to craft the item.

The input item will be destroyed in the process - even if it contains no metals, it will be destroyed.

The Deconstructor is primarily intended to take apart your old Tier 1 and Tier 2 Rockets, but it can also be used for other blocks and items - for example if you accidentally crafted a pickaxe instead of the axe you wanted, maybe you can recover some of the metal ingots.

Known Limitations:

  • The Deconstructor will return nothing, if deconstructing an item whose crafting recipe made multiple items (for example Tin Can or Battery or Aluminum Wire)
  • The Deconstructor will "eat" all items - so if it is an item with no metals you will simply lose the item. So don't put your Nether Stars or other valuable items into it!