Electric Compressor

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Electric Compressor
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Electric Compressor










Blast resistance





This block can be broken with any tool, but a pickaxe is the quickest




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The Electric Compressor, also known as Electric Ingot Compressor, is a Tier 2 machine block that is used to compress different kinds of ingots and convert them into compressed metal sheets and platings.

It has the same use as the non-electric Compressor. Its advantage is that it is not necessary to use coal or wood to power it. Instead it has to be powered with energy.

In Galacticraft 3, tThe speed depends on the energy tier:

  • Tier 1: One item (or pair of items, if available) every 10 seconds
  • Tier 2: One item (or pair of items, if available) every 6.7 seconds


Electric Compressor will drop as an item when broken with any tool or by hand, but a pickaxe is the fastest way to break it.


Compressed Steel Anvil Compressed Steel Grid layout Arrow (small).png Electric Compressor
Compressed Steel Compressed Bronze Compressed Steel
Aluminum Wire Advanced Wafer Aluminum Wire


Currently it is used to make:

The ingredients go in the crafting grid. Most compressor recipes (e.g. Compressed Iron) are shapeless, just requiring two ingots: but for Heavy-Duty Plate correct placement is important.

Electric Compressor UI

The machine can be rotated with a Standard Wrench.


In all versions of Galacticraft, the output slots of the Electric Compressor are accessible from below - for example, place a Hopper beneath it to move its output into a chest (or use another mod with item-moving pipes).

In Galacticraft 2, the input slots (crafting grid) can be accessed from the top side of the Electric Compressor. But because it is a crafting grid, except for the simplest compressor recipes (e.g. Meteoric Iron Ingot -> Compressed Meteoric Iron) you will likely only be able to automate it if using another mod which can place recipe items precisely in a crafting grid, for example Logistics Pipes.

In Galacticraft 3 and Galacticraft 4, the input slots are accessed from all 5 sides except the base. The output slot is accessed from the base. And smarter automation has been added to this machine so that can be automated in most situations even if using 'dumb' inputs like Hoppers or Buildcraft pipes. It works like this - we will talk in terms of vanilla Hoppers here, but the same things apply to item pipes.

  • if there is already a functioning recipe laid out on the Electric Compressor's crafting grid, Hoppers will add ingots (or other items) to the existing recipe item stacks to replenish them
  • if that recipe has the same item twice over (e.g. Compressed Copper needs 2 copper ingots, Compressed Tin needs 2 tin ingots etc), Hoppers will automatically add ingots to both stacks, to keep the 2 item stacks even in size - so add an ingot to one stack, add the next ingot to the other stack, etc
  • if there is no recipe (or no functioning recipe), then the Hopper will try to create a recipe, basically adding ingots in empty spots to see if that makes a functioning recipe or not. This can work out fine so long as your Hopper does not mix ingredients for two different recipes. For example, fill a Hopper with a stack of aluminium ingots and it will automatically place one ingot in the crafting grid, then the next ingot in the crafting grid in a different spot, so making the recipe for Compressed Aluminium (it's a shapeless recipe requiring 2 aluminium ingots). Now that the compressor has a functioning recipe, the Hopper should be able to top-up and replenish those input stacks.
  • the Electric Compressor is smarter than the regular Compressor and can even build shaped recipes from Hopper inputs, for example Tier 1 Heavy-Duty Plate
  • if the crafting grid has items on it which do not make a functioning compressor recipe, then no automatic system will be able to remove those items or re-arrange them into a functioning recipe, the player will have to fix that before automation can work.

With Applied Energistics 2 automatic crafting, due to some limitations of AE2, it's best to use a vanilla Hopper between the AE interface and the Electric Ingot Compressor. (If you connect the AE interface directly to the Electric Ingot Compressor, it can fill only one stack in the Compressor's crafting grid, because AE does not understand that it needs to offer the Compressor two stacks of the same ingredients.) Depending on your modpack and available ingot types, another solution could be to tell AE that the Electric Ingot Compressor recipe needs two different types of ingot, for example 1 x copper ingot from GC and 1 x copper ingot from another mod.

(In Galacticraft 3, you'd need to be using version from or later to have the functionality described. Up to Galacticraft version the Electric Compressor could not auto-craft a shaped recipe like Tier 1 Heavy-Duty Plate, unless you first created the recipe manually - even in those early versions, automation could keep an existing recipe topped up with ingredients.)

Data values

Electric Compressor has the ID name GalacticraftCore:tile.machine2, data values 0-3 (for 4 rotations).