Space Emergency Kit

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Space Emergency Kit
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Space Emergency Kit



Breathing Equipment




Yes (64)

First Appearance

Galacticraft 4

The Space Emergency Kit is a single item which contains the basic elements of the Oxygen System needed for a player to breathe on planets without oxygen. It also contains some other things useful in every space emergency, like a Can of Dehydrated Potato.

It is a single use item. Using it equips the player with the items.


With the item in either hand, use it (right-click) to consume the kit and equip the player with the items. Oxygen Mask, Oxygen Gear, Light Oxygen Tanks and Parachute will automatically be equipped in the correct slots as needed. (If you already have one of these items then the item will be given to the player inventory instead.) The other items will be placed in the player's available inventory slots, or dropped nearby if the player's inventory is full.

Specifically the kit gives the following items:

The Space Emergency Kit item can only be used once - using it consumes the item. But it is crafted from the exact same items that it gives you. So if you use the kit accidentally, there is no item loss. You can simply re-craft the Space Emergency Kit again. Like re-packing a parachute!

Note that if you use the oxygen so that the tanks are not full - or if you damage the pickaxe - then they cannot be crafted into the kit again. You would need to refill the oxygen tanks in a Oxygen Compressor, and repair the Heavy Duty Pickaxe in an anvil or craft a new one.

The item can be placed into an empty Emergency Post for easy access when you need it. Right-click an open Emergency Post to place the kit inside. (This is the only situation in which right-clicking the kit will not use it.)

Crafting Recipe

See radfast tweet. Note the parachute color must be red!

Related command

The /gckit command can be used by server operators - or in single player if Cheats are enabled. It gives one Space Emergency Kit item to a player. Use it with a player name or with no name to give one to yourself.

Known Limitations

Some of the contents are not necessarily all that useful in an emergency ... but they're better than nothing!


The inclusion of the can of Dehydrated Potato in the emergency kit is a vague nod to the book and movie The Martian. (It would be more like The Martian if it gave you 1 actual potato...)