Gas Liquefier

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Gas Liquefier
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Gas Liquefier



Tier 2 Machines


This block can be broken with any tool, but a pickaxe is the quickest



First Appearance

Galacticraft 3

The Gas Liquefier is a new machine added from Galacticraft 3. Its function is to transform gases into liquids by cryogenic cooling - for example, oxygen can be turned into Liquid Oxygen.


When supplied with Methane Gas, it transforms it into a special liquid form: rocket fuel! Used with a Water Electrolyzer and a Methane Synthesizer, that can make unlimited Fuel automatically from water plus a source of carbon: see Methane Synthesizer for more information.

It is a Tier 2 Machine so it receives a speed buff when powered with Tier 2 power.

Gas Intake

The Gas Liquefier accepts gases into its gas tank in three different ways:

  • from canisters (for example, a Methane Gas Canister) - place the canister in the input slot
  • from connected Fluid Pipes on the input side - note that Galacticraft 3 had no fluid pipe, so in Galacticraft 3 these would have to be fluid pipes from another mod.
  • from the atmosphere, if an Atmospheric Valve is in the input slot. Note: the Atmospheric Valve can only work if the block above the Gas Liquefier is clear, also it will not work in a sealed space.

Atmospheric gases are:

  • Overworld: Nitrogen, Oxygen
  • Mars: Argon, Nitrogen - Mars also has Carbon Dioxide but that cannot be liquefied

(Future planets will have different atmospheres.)

When powered, the Gas Liquefier will gradually convert whichever gas is in its input tank, into a liquid in its output tanks. If converting atmospheric gases, two output tanks may be used.

Liquids can be removed from the output tanks in three different ways:

  • in canisters - place an Empty Canister in the output slot and it will be filled from the tank
  • fluid pipes can be connected on the output side (right and rear sides of the machine) - note that Galacticraft has no fluid pipe, so these would have to be fluid pipes from another mod
  • an Atmospheric Valve in an output slot will empty that output tank into the atmosphere (the liquid will be lost)


Face Use Material
Front Main graphic -
Left Pipe input Methane Gas
Right Blank (accepts fuel pipe)
Back Blank (accepts fuel pipe)
Top Blank (must be clear if using Atmospheric Valve)
Bottom Wire input Energy


As well as Methane Gas Canisters, the Gas Liquefier can accept canisters of liquefied gas (for example, Liquid Oxygen) in its input slot. Using a liquefied gas canister in the input slot will turn its liquid contents back into gas in the input gas tank, ready for the machine to liquefy it again. That might be useful, for example, to have two half-filled liquid canisters make one full canister.


Heavy Oxygen Tank Oxygen Vent Medium Oxygen Tank Grid layout Arrow (small).png Gas Liquefier
Oxygen Pipe Fluid Manipulator Medium Oxygen Tank
Oxygen Decompressor Compressed Bronze Oxygen Compressor

Make sure to get the Grid Oxygen Decompressor.png Oxygen Decompressor   and Grid Oxygen Compressor.png Oxygen Compressor   the right way around in the recipe!!