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At Galacticraft we love science fiction, especially classic science fiction exploring the wonder of space travel.

Here are a few personal favourites that we think Galacticraft players may also enjoy. (We plan to add to this list over time.)

Classic Sci-Fi Books

All of these take place within the solar system (like Galacticraft!)

Classic Sci-Fi Movies

These are some (semi) realistic sci-fi movies set within the solar system, and recommended if you have not seen them yet:

  • 2001: A Space Odyssey Slow moving but the visuals are stunning, watch it in high definition on a big screen
  • 2010 Jupiter. Roy Scheider. Great ships.
  • Silent Running Robits. Greenhouses in space.
  • Apollo 13 Houston, we have a problem...
  • Gattaca radfast's favourite movie.
  • Space Cowboys Clint Eastwood in space, what's not to like?
  • Armageddon One mean asteroid.
  • The Dish Probably the best movie about the original moon landings.
  • Moon Awesome.
  • Europa Report Old school sci-fi with realism and integrity.
  • Space Warriors 4.3 out of 10 on IMDb, that's a pretty low score, but it's not that bad and the space science is accurate.
  • Gravity high score on IMDb, but it's fairly bad and the space science is not accurate
  • The Martian Bring him home! The book is also great.

Lots of other excellent sci fi movies are not included in this list - we have aimed to focus only on movies set in the current era or near future, with space travel inside the solar system. In all the movies we have listed here, people actually wear space suits. Avatar, Star Trek movies, Interstellar etc are too futuristic, even though we love them too! Aliens though - that's still one of the best space films ever made, and not at all scary, oh no.

Mobile games

  • Space Agency (freemium) Android iTunes If Galacticraft came in a mobile app, this is what it might be like