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Astro Miner Schematic
Astro Miner Schematic.png
Astro Miner Schematic








A Schematic used for crafting the Astro Miner in the NASA Workbench.


It can be obtained currently (as of Galacticraft 3 and Galacticraft 4, all versions) only as a treasure item in a Tier 2 Treasure Chest after defeating the Creeper Boss. There are three possible treasure items for that, the Tier 3 Rocket Schematic, the Cargo Rocket Schematic, and the Astro Miner Schematic, with an equal chance of occurring. But note, it is given only to a player who has already unlocked the Asteroids dimension: a player who has not yet unlocked the Asteroids dimension will always be given one of the other two treasure items instead - based on the player nearest to the Creeper Boss when it dies.

The game considers that a player has unlocked the Asteroids dimension if:


As with any schematic, simply place it in the NASA Workbench on the "Add New Schematics" page and click "Unlock Schematic". This will then permanently unlock a new page that will allow this player to build the Astro Miner in any NASA Workbench.

In Galacticraft 4, unlocking the Astro Miner in this way will unlock it for all current members of your Space Race team.

In Galacticraft 4 your surplus schematics can be hung on the wall - like a painting.

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