Evolved Creeper

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Evolved Creeper
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Evolved Creeper



Hostile mob

Health points


Armor points


Attack strength

Normal: ?
Charged: 2x


Light level of 7 or less on Moon, Mars and Asteroids.


1-2 Music Discs
(see rare drops)





Evolved Creeper is a hostile mob that the spawns on the Moon and Mars.


Likely most of Minecraft hostile mobs, they will spawn in dimly lit areas except on Space Station and vanilla dimensions.


Baby Evolved Creeper

A Baby Evolved Creeper is a baby version of the Evolved Creeper, it spawns only from Creeper Eggs when hit by TNT shot by the Evolved Creeper Boss or any explosion caused by Creeper-like mobs. It runs faster and can kill a player who is not protected.

It was introduced in Galacticraft 3 version

Behavior and Appearance

This mob is slightly taller than its Overworld counterparts. It appears to be wearing two medium oxygen tanks and oxygen gear and helmet. Its explosion is bigger than the normal creeper, takes longer to charge and makes no noise when it gets hurt.


When killed, Evolved Creepers drop redstone.

In addition, the Evolved Creeper will drop a Blaze Rod if it is killed by a player while it is burning. This is difficult to achieve because, like the other Evolved mobs, Evolved Creepers do not burn in direct sunlight. Evolved Creepers also cannot be ignited by flaming arrows or Fire Charges or similar in the airless spaces where they are likely to be found.

Rare drops

From Galacticraft 3.0.9 onwards, the Evolved Creeper also has a chance of dropping the following rare drops:

This is pretty handy, because sand and ice are next to impossible to find in space dimensions, except in rare deposits of ice under the surface on Mars or in abundance in Asteroids.


  • Health points: 25.
  • Drops: redstone (from GC3 version 3.0.13 onwards - previously gunpower), music disc if shot by skeleton or Evolved Skeleton.
  • Can be charged?: they can if struck by lightning. When charged, has 2x the attack strength of a non-charged one.


  • Regarding the drops, the ice and sand are used internally in the mob to regulate its explosiveness; it's how it stops the explosion after already primed.

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