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Evolved Zombie
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Evolved Zombie



Hostile mobs

Health points


Armor points


Attack strength



Light level of 7 or less on Moon, Mars and Asteroids.


Rotten Flesh




Normal: Sunlight
Baby: None

Evolved Zombie is a common, undead hostile mob that the spawns in any Galacticraft dimension except in Space Station dimensions.


Evolved Zombies naturally spawn in groups of up to 4 at a light level of 7 or less on the Moon, Mars and Asteroids dimensions.

They have a small chance to spawn as a baby type.


Evolved Baby Zombie

An Evolved Baby Zombie is the rare appearance of a Evolved Zombie being spawned as baby version.

Much like the vanilla Baby Zombies, they do not burn in sunlight and run even faster.

Armed Evolved Zombies

Along with Evolved Skeletons, Evolved Zombies can also spawn with armor and wielding a sword or tools.

Behavior and Appearance

This mob is slightly taller and walks about 2x faster than its Overworld counterparts. It appears to be wearing two medium oxygen tanks and oxygen gear and helmet. Zombies do not run out of air. Evolved Zombie can survive in any airless dimension.

Except Evolved Baby Zombies and Evolved Zombies wearing a helmet, they will burn in sunlight.


If the Moon Village has wooden doors so that Alien Villagers seek for shelter, Evolved Zombies will attempt to siege it during the lunar nighttime. They will walk around the village huts and look for entrances in pursuit of its dwellers.

If they manage to break into, they will not harm the alien villagers. Instead, they will run confused among them, entering and exiting the hut several times, as if the alien villagers were not there.


When killed, Evolved Zombies drop up to 2 pieces of rotten flesh.

Rare drops

From Galacticraft 3.0.9 onwards, Evolved Zombie also has a chance of dropping the following rare drops (this is in place of the carrot or iron ingot which a regular Zombie can drop):


  • When fighting with Evolved Zombies, it is recommended that you use powerful weapons like a sword with Sharpness II or higher and bows with Power III and Punch I or higher, that is because these zombies run faster and have 50% more health points than vanilla zombies.
  • From Galacticraft 3.0.9, Evolved Zombies are also smarter than you at jumping around in low gravity - they use smaller jumps so they stay in control of their movement better.


  • Health points: 30.
  • Drops: rotten flesh.
  • Armor: there is a chance they will spawn with armor and sword.


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