Laser Turret

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Laser Turret
Laser Turret.png
Laser Turret





This block can be broken with any tool, but a pickaxe is the quickest


Yes (64)

Laser Turret is a defense weapon that target meteors, players, mobs and any entity nearby. Currently a beta testing feature.


A Laser Turret will drop as an item when broken with any tool or by hand.


The Laser Turret block is not craftable. It can be obtained only by accessing the creative inventory or commands.


Place a Laser Turret block on a solid surface and then power it with an energy wire or battery.

If any other entity, except the player who placed it, approaches, the turret will target and shoot the entity until it dies, is destroyed or moves away from its range (around 16 blocks).

To deactivate it, click on Deactivate button.


The Whilelist contains the entities that are not target. By default, the player who placed the turret is included in the whilelist, while all the other entities, including passive and tamed animals, are target.

To add other entities in the whilelist, specially if you have tamed and passive animals around which you do not want to be shot:

  1. Right-click the turret;
  2. Click on Edit Whitelist;
  3. Click on Add Player or Add Entity;
  4. Type in the field the name of the player or entity to search, the text will be green if found, and click on Blacklist;
  5. The whitelisted player or entity will be included in the list.


The Blacklist contains only the entities that are target, all the others are safe.

To add entities in the black list:

  1. Right-click the turret;
  2. Click on Black list mode;
  3. Follow the other steps described in Whitelist above.