Orion Drive

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The Orion Drive is the popular name for this. Its inventor originally called it the Ore-Ion Drive.

It is a drive system for advanced spacecraft, based on electrical principles and also ores. It does not require Rocket Fuel, only electricity. When it is operating it has a characteristic pale blue glow.

Galacticraft scientists developed this drive system after analysing ore fragments found in the Asteroid belt and discovering a previously unknown energy field. Normally the energy field is stable and serves to bind ore elements into an ore in a 1m x 1m x 1m cubical shape, but if enough different varieties of such ores are combined, the wavefunctions of the different ore types superimpose and cancel each other out, resulting in the isolated energy field. This can then be contained and sustained in combination with a pure form of redstone energy harnessed in the Beam Core. This principle allows the manufacture of a drive system which produces an effective impulse from electrical energy alone.



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