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Galacticraft 3 allows the player (in single player) or the server owner (in multiplayer) full control over which ores generate on other planets. This is currently functional for the Moon and Mars. You can add ores from other mods, or more of Galacticraft's own ores - for example, some players have asked for more Iron Ore on Mars. (Asteroids coming soon).

The setting is in core.conf. Search for

S:"Other mods ores for GC to generate on the Moon and planets" <

Add block names for the ores you want to generate, one per line. Block IDs are exactly as for SealableIDs - full instructions on how to find block names are there.

It's important to use block names, and not just the block ID numbers. Seems complicated, why do I have to do this?

Additional parameters (include these on the same line as the block ID):

  • /EVEN The ore is found at all depths - defaults to this if /DEEP and /SHALLOW are omitted
  • /DEEP The ore is only found deep (below y=32)
  • /SHALLOW The ore is only found near the surface (above y=32)
  • /COMMON The ore is about as common as Galacticraft copper and tin - defaults to this if /UNCOMMON and /RARE are omitted
  • /UNCOMMON The ore is harder to find, similar to Galacticraft aluminum on the Overworld
  • /RARE The ore is rare, similar to Lapis Lazuli, though there is still a small amount in each chunk (unless the /XTRARANDOM parameter is used)
  • /STANDARD The ore generates in standard size clusters of up to 6 blocks, similar to vanilla iron ore - defaults to this if /SINGLE and /LARGE are omitted
  • /SINGLE The ore generates as single blocks, like vanilla Emerald Ore sometimes does
  • /LARGE The ore generates in large clumps, like vanilla coal ore.
  • /XTRARANDOM Not evenly distributed from chunk to chunk, some chunks will have little or none of this ore
  • /ONLYMOON The ore with these parameters generates only on the Moon, not on Mars or other planets added in future
  • /ONLYMARS The ore with these parameters generates only on Mars, not on the Moon or other planets added in future.


S:"Other mods ores for GC to generate on the Moon and planets" <

The format can be either 791:6 or IC2:blockOreUran. Both work. But the second approach - with the full block name - is better, because the block ID can be different in each different saved map. See SealableIDs for additional guidance. If you use the first approach - with the block ID number - Galacticraft will actually give you a log message in the startup informing you of the full block name to change it to.

For crazy large amounts of ore (similar to dirt or gravel on the overworld) use the /COMMON and /LARGE parameters together and add the same ore again on two or three lines to double or triple the quantity; the /XTRARANDOM parameter would probably also be a good idea here to keep things variable from chunk to chunk.

Ores which are set to /DEEP or to /SHALLOW will be easier for players to find, for an ore of the same rarity, because the player only needs to look in deep levels of each chunk, or shallow levels.

The hardest to find ore would have these parameters: /EVEN /RARE /SINGLE /XTRARANDOM. That would be rarer than diamond and very hard to find: there might be only 1 block per chunk, or sometimes 0 blocks, and it could be at any depth so a player would have to mine out the whole chunk to look for it.

You could have the ore common on the Moon and rare on Mars by using two different lines with different parameters, /ONLYMOON on the first line and /ONLYMARS on the second line.

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