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Astro Miner Base
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Astro Miner Base



Space Base


A wooden pickaxe or better is required to mine this block


Yes (64)

The Astro Miner Base is a multi-block player-made structure which is used to construct the dock for an Astro Miner to use.



To construct the dock, place 8 Astro Miner Base blocks in a cube, 2 blocks high, 2 blocks wide and 2 blocks deep. When the last of the base blocks is placed, it should automatically convert into an Astro Miner Base.

It is not a good idea to try to confuse the game by placing down extra Astro Miner Base blocks (for example a 3 x 3 x 3 cube), although generally the game should respond sensibly: you cannot have overlapping Astro Miner Bases, and any construction blocks which did not convert into the Astro Miner Base will simply remain as construction blocks.

The Astro Miner Base has one side which is open - that is the side the Astro Miner will move out of when it starts moving. It is important to keep that side clear of blocks which will block the Astro Miner's movement or which the Astro Miner cannot mine. As a safety feature, the Astro Miner will not mine any "machine" or "chest" or "pipe" type blocks (or any other blocks with a TileEntity - that's a coding term). This is because most people do not want their base to be accidentally wrecked by the Astro Miner.


You can rotate the orientation of the Astro Miner Base by right-clicking with a wrench before any Astro Miner is placed in it. It cannot be rotated after the Astro Miner was placed: if you need to do that, you will have to break the base and start again.


The Astro Miner Base requires power to be connected, so that it can power up any Astro Miner which is docked inside it.

The Astro Miner Base will store any blocks which the Astro Miner mines: the Astro Miner will unload its storage into the base every time it returns to dock. Hoppers placed under the Astro Miner Base can empty blocks out of it into chests or other storage systems. Item pipes on any side of the Astro Miner Base can also empty it. You cannot use item pipes or hoppers to place items into the Astro Miner Base.

Right-click on the Astro Miner Base to see what blocks it contains, also the amount of energy stored in the base, and the status of any Astro Miner which is linked with that base.



Compressed Desh Chest Compressed Desh Grid layout Arrow (small).png Astro Miner Base4
Beam Core   Beam Core
Compressed Desh Energy Storage Module Compressed Desh

Data values

  • Astro Miner Base has the ID name GalacticraftMars:tile.minerBase.
  • Astro Miner Base (full dock) has the ID name GalacticraftMars:tile.minerBaseFull.


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