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BuildCraft is a Minecraft mod that aims at providing advanced building capabilities to the game. It is a mod that is compatible with Galacticraft.

Main compatible features:

Buildcraft Oil and Fuel

Buildcraft generates oil wells near the surface of the Overworld (sometimes under water). These contain source blocks of Buildcraft crude Oil. Buildcraft oil can be refined into Buildcraft's Fuel which is usable as rocket fuel in Galacticraft. You can use either Buildcraft's refinery or the Galacticraft Refinery to transform Oil into Fuel.

If Buildcraft is installed, normally Buildcraft's Oil and Fuel will take the place of Galacticraft's standard Oil and Fuel. There's not too much difference between them at all - the color is different and the Galacticraft oil is found deeper underground - but both can be used in the same machines.

If you install the Buildcraft mod in an EXISTING GALACTICRAFT SAVED WORLD then you will find that suddenly all the Galacticraft oil and fuel has disappeared. (That's because it gets de-registered - it literally does not exist in the game - if Buildcraft is installed) And the Buildcraft oil can only be found in newly generated Overworld chunks.

To solve this problem, Galacticraft gives a config option to use legacy Galacticraft oil and fuel - this will preserve the old Galacticraft oil and fuel in the world (underground reservoirs, liquid tanks and buckets in inventories) alongside the new Buildcraft oil and fuel. Both can be used in the Refinery and the Fuel Loader. To be effective you must enable this config option before starting the game with Buildcraft mod installed. Except in this specific situation, you generally should not use this config option because otherwise there can be too much oil in the game (Buildcraft oil and Galacticraft oil) - also Buildcraft quarries can be laggy if they encounter liquids underground.

Buildcraft API power issues

Buildcraft changed its power systems three times in the Minecraft 1.7.10 version, there's Buildcraft 6.0.x based on the long-standing MJ system, Buildcraft 6.1.x which is a halfway house, and Buildcraft 6.2.x which abandoned MJ and adopted the RF system from CoFH mods. Changing energy compatibility systems is, to be frank, a dumb and ill-considered thing to do in the middle of a Minecraft version, if you are a mod which (like Buildcraft) has an API which is/was relied on by many other mods.

Galacticraft 3 attempts to be compatible with all the older versions of Buildcraft as well as the latest. Why? Because any one of the different Buildcraft versions could be being used by other mods which players have installed alongside Galacticraft 3. This mostly works fine. Note that Galacticraft does not distribute any version of the Buildcraft API - a quick check of any GalacticraftCore jar will confirm this.

The only situation players are likely to run into problems is if other mods have two different versions of the Buildcraft interfaces. This can happen. For example, apart from Buildcraft itself, Forestry, Railcraft, Engineers Toolbox, Enhanced Portals ... etc ... all of these can include the Buildcraft API in their jars. Things will get messed up if a player or modpack is using versions of those other mods based off different Buildcraft versions. To avoid problems in Galacticraft in that situation (example), Galacticraft version 3.0.8 onwards automatically disables its legacy Buildcraft power compatibility (MJ interface) at game startup, if a problem with the Buildcraft API - meaning, two different versions of the API - is detected. More information about this here. Servers or single players can also manually disable Galacticraft from using the legacy MJ interface by a config setting: in power-GC3.conf look for this line:

    B:"Disable old Buildcraft API (MJ) interfacing completely?"=false

and set it to true to disable the MJ interface.

Some other issues seen in some older versions of Buildcraft-compatible mods:

  • In EnderIO 2.0 (which was MJ-compatible) conduits could not connect to the input of GC Energy Storage Modules, only the output
  • Also in EnderIO 2.0, conduits on the output of GC Energy Storage Modules or solar generators would pull out all the electricity even if the conduit was connected to nothing
  • BuildCraft Kinesis Pipes - and EnderIO 2.0 conduits - looked like they connected to every side of GC machines, but would in fact not be able to place power into GC machines except on the correct power input side.


Related to those Buildcraft API changes, one of the older releases of Galacticraft 3, that's version, might crash if used alongside later versions of other mods which use the later Buildcraft version. The crash looks like this:

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: buildcraft/api/power/PowerHandler

This can easily be fixed by updating Galacticraft to version or later.

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