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First Appearance

Galacticraft 4

The Grating is a metallic grid that can be used as a flooring material in your Space Stations and other bases.

It has some interesting properties:

  • Water, Lava, Fuel, Crude Oil, Bacterial Sludge and Sulfuric Acid (and also fluid blocks from other mods) can flow through a Grating
  • Rocket smoke can pass through a Grating
  • Dropped items cannot pass through a Grating
  • Players can stand underneath a Grating, even in a space which is only 2 blocks tall
  • Fluids protected by a Grating block above will not freeze, even in very cold space Biomes

A Grating is useful for covering a water channel: you can walk on it and it prevents items from falling into the water.

A Grating can even be used to cover a water, lava or other liquid source block - so you can make a bridge across lava or an ocean using this block.

A Grating can also be used as a ceiling material, due to the fact that a player can walk under it. For example if your corridors have overhead pipes, wires and conduits, you could give your base a better appearance by placing a layer of Grating blocks above the player, but below the pipes.

A Grating looks good next to your Rocket Launch Pad and smoke from the rockets passes through it.

Crafting Recipe

Iron_Bars Iron_Bars   Grid layout Arrow (small).png 32x32px4
Iron_Bars Iron_Bars  
      Grid layout Shapeless.png

The recipe makes 4 Grating blocks.

This means that 6 iron ingots make 16 Grating blocks.

Technical Details

  • Although the basic Grating block is available in 1.8.9, the feature where fluids flow through a Grating is available in Galacticraft 4 versions for Minecraft 1.10.2, 1.11.2 and 1.12.2 only.
  • First seen in Galacticraft version, stable from build 169.
  • The fluid flow feature can be switched off in the Galacticraft Core config - there is a setting Allow liquids to flow into Grating
  • The fluid flow feature is tested OK with Optifine and other major mods. But ... it might have issues with some mods which change how liquids flow in Minecraft, or which change the appearance of flowing liquid blocks.

If you use a bucket to place a fluid source block in a position where there is already a Grating, this will break the Grating - you will have to pick the Grating item up and replace it. Alternatively, place down your fluid source blocks first, then place your Grating on top.