Titanium Block

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Titanium Block
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Titanium Block





This block can be broken with any tool, but a pickaxe is the quickest



First Appearance

Galacticraft 4

The Titanium Block is a block that is a bulk storage for your Titanium Ingot.

It can also be used as an attractive and unusual dark looking decorative block.


Titanium Ingot Titanium Ingot Titanium Ingot Grid layout Arrow (small).png Titanium Block
Titanium Ingot Titanium Ingot Titanium Ingot
Titanium Ingot Titanium Ingot Titanium Ingot

Compatibility with other mods

If you have another mod installed with a different variety of titanium (for example, GregTech 5) normally you can mix and match the ingots to craft a Titanium Block.

If you have another mod with a different type of Titanium Ingot, a Galacticraft Titanium Block will be made from mixed titanium ingots so long as you use at least 1 Galacticraft Titanium Ingot in the recipe. If you use zero Galacticraft ingots then a Galacticraft block will not be made. This requirement for minimum 1 Galacticraft ingot in the Galacticraft recipe allows you to control whether it is the Titanium Block from Galacticraft which is made or the titanium block from the other mod.

Crafting Uses

Titanium Block     Grid layout Arrow (small).png Titanium Ingot9
      Grid layout Shapeless.png

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