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The Space Race Manager Screen

The Space Race Manager Screen is a screen where the player can make a flag, and also form teams. There is the option of two or more teams forming on a server to compete with each other in reaching various game stages Galacticraft.

It is a multiplayer/LAN feature. In single player games, the only interesting feature is that you can design your flag and your team color.

The Space Race Manager is opened when the player accesses the standard Game Menu (ESC key) and clicks on Space Race at the lower right corner of the screen.

A config setting (default value is off) optionally allows the Space Race Manager also to pop up when the player dies for the 1st time in every game session (multiplayer), or on world creation (single player).



  • Customize Flag. It opens a flag editor.
  • Change Team Color
  • Team Name - insert a name here to create a new team
  • Add Player(s) - Players must be online and within range (25 blocks). The invited player can accept the invite using /joinrace

In Galacticraft 4 the big advantage of joining a Space Race team is that all players in the team can share the same schematic unlocks. So when one player in the team finds - for example - a Moon Buggy Schematic and uses it inside a NASA Workbench to unlock the Moon Buggy recipe for himself, then also all his team-mates at the same time will get the recipe for the Moon Buggy. The recipe is unlocked for those players permanently even if they later leave the team. (In contrast, if a new player joins your team after you already unlocked the Moon Buggy recipe then that new player will not have this benefit - that person came too late to the party!) [Note the features described here are only found in game version and later.]

The Space Race team color affects the nose cone (and perhaps other highlights) of rockets ridden by team members.

The Space Race Manager also internally tracks timings on how long it has taken a team to reach the Moon, Mars, Asteroids and Venus since the team was formed. A planned future update will allow server owners to access / display this information and to make a leaderboard. Comparison of timings is only meaningful between players playing the same modpack, with the same configs, on the same server, and not using Creative mode or other cheats.

Easter Egg

Did you know that if a player launches in a rocket, and another player stands watching the launch, the player on the ground will wave goodbye? (Feature not limited only to Space Race team members.)

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