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Asteroids Challenge is a new game mode offered in Galacticraft 3.0.13 (preview available from onwards).

The player starts the game stranded in the Asteroids dimension, with a small quantity of starting items. The aim of the game is to survive long enough to build a functioning base, gather resources, and eventually get yourself back to the Overworld.

It is a challenging game:

  • you will need to kill mobs to gain essential resources
  • the Evolved mobs present a tough fight when you have only basic items
  • if you are killed, you may lose items which are crucial for survival or for continuing in the game: death may be game-ending
  • there are the ever-present dangers of running out of oxygen, extreme cold and falling off an asteroid
  • you have limited food, wood and oxygen until you are able to make some

The game mode is designed to test your knowledge of Galacticraft as well as vanilla Minecraft. To survive and flourish you will need to make use of many of the different possibilities which Galacticraft offers.

It can also allow for quick completion of a game of Minecraft if you just want to play through to a specific goal, for example fueling your rocket and returning to the Overworld.


You are a young and talented miner, planning to make a fortune from mining titanium in the Asteroids. You set off on a well-planned expedition, with supplies to last for many months.

As you make your approach to an area which scanners indicate is rich in ores, there's a grinding impact and the next thing you know, that sound which every astronaut dreads: the rush of escaping air.

"WARNING: Oxygen setup invalid" flashes in large red letters on your HUD. You just have enough time to activate the escape pod. As your pod plunges away towards the nearest large asteroid, you have a fine view of your ship, tearing itself apart.

Unfortunately, somebody forgot to pay the insurance to the salvage company this year. Whether it was administrative error or embezzlement, who knows? That's really the least of your concerns right now. There'll be time enough to deal with that when you return to the Overworld.

You assess your situation: you're in an escape pod, on an unknown asteroid. You have only the emergency survival pack in the pod and the few basic materials you were able to salvage from the wreckage of your ship. And it's dark out there. Very, very dark...

Starting items

These items are in your Entry Pod:

Life support items:

Salvaged from your wrecked ship:

Activating the game mode

In Galacticraft's config core.conf look for the following settings and set them as shown

B:"Adventure Game Mode"=true

B:"Quick Game Mode"=true

B:"Force Overworld Spawn"=false

Now start Minecraft, create a new world, and start the game as normal.

You should play the game in Easy or Normal mode. In Peaceful mode it will be impossible to progress, because you need mob drops.

Note that Galacticraft's config setting "Adventure Game Mode" is not connected with Adventure maps in vanilla Minecraft nor with the 'A' game mode setting in NEI.

Galacticraft can be played alongside other mods in this game mode, the same as any other. But you may find the other mods are unplayable, or very limited in what they can do, due to lack of some ore or resource which spawns only on the Overworld. PlayerAPI is an exception, see next section.


PlayerAPI currently prevents the Challenge game mode from taking effect at the game start. The GC developers are aware of the issue but it is in the "tough/impossible to solve" category.

Therefore if PlayerAPI mod is installed and this Challenge game mode is enabled, the player will initially spawn just like in any normal game, in the Overworld with no starting items. The only difference is that the special compressor recipes and mob drops from this game mode will be enabled. Maybe some players or server admins want exactly that - in that case, just make sure to install PlayerAPI alongside Galacticraft.

Optional settings

For an even more challenging game, approaching insane difficulty level, in core.conf you could set

B:"Disable rockets from returning to Overworld"=true and

B:"Harder Difficulty"=true.

But this is really not recommended. You will probably just end up dying. A lot. If you have other mods installed, you may also make it impossible for yourself to manufacture Compressed Steel.

Note for servers

The config settings detailed above on the server are effective, even if clients (players) have set their own configs differently.

On a server, all new players joining the game will land on nearby asteroids. That could be a good thing - they can help each other out and share resources - or it could be a bad thing. A future Galacticraft release will provide a config option to allow the server to spawn new players at widely separated asteroid positions.


There are various goals in this game mode. Like everything else in Minecraft it's really up to what you want from the game! How about:

  • just survive longer than 2 hours
  • successfully return to the Overworld with some valuable resources
  • build a basic base so you can survive indefinitely in the Asteroids
  • build an advanced base so you can live in the Asteroids in style with everything you might need
  • reach a specific technology stage, for example building the Short Range Telepad

Crafting recipe

You can make cobblestone from crunching together 2 blocks of Asteroid Rock. Note that it must be two different types (colors) of Asteroid Rock.

Asteroid Rock Asteroid Rock   Grid layout Arrow (small).png Cobblestone2
      Grid layout Shapeless.png

This cobble recipe is available in all game modes, but it is probably only going to be useful in this Challenge game mode.

Compressor recipes

In Challenge game mode only, the following recipes are enabled for use in the Compressor and the Electric Compressor.

Charcoal to Coal:

Charcoal Asteroid Rock Charcoal Grid layout Arrow (small).png Coal2

Cobblestone to Gravel:

Cobblestone Cobblestone Cobblestone Grid layout Arrow (small).png Gravel9
Cobblestone Cobblestone Cobblestone
Cobblestone Cobblestone Cobblestone

Gravel to Sand:

Gravel Gravel Gravel Grid layout Arrow (small).png Sand9
Gravel Gravel Gravel
Gravel Gravel Gravel

Sand to 8 Clay:

Sand Sand Sand Grid layout Arrow (small).png 32x32px8
Sand Water Bucket Sand
Sand Sand Sand

Soul Sand:

Sand Rotten Flesh Sand Grid layout Arrow (small).png Soul Sand4
Rotten Flesh Fermented Spider Eye Rotten Flesh
Sand Rotten Flesh Sand

Obsidian from plain Stone and 1 Blaze Powder:

Stone Stone Stone Grid layout Arrow (small).png Obsidian
Stone Blaze Powder Stone
Stone Stone Stone

Mob drops

In Challenge game mode only, there are a few extra mob drops to help you - eventually - to have resources that are otherwise missing in the Asteroids dimension.

These are dropped occasionally: not often, but more common than the iron ingot drops from vanilla Zombies:

These are extra possibilities for rare drops, in addition to the other rare drops already possible for each mob (see each mob's individual Wiki page for details):

(Galacticraft 3): Also ... Endermen spawn in the Asteroids dimension in this game mode. In Galacticraft 4 there is Evolved Enderman.


  • When you move away from your starting position, make sure to remember the coordinates of your Entry Pod: you will need to come back to it eventually to retrieve the rocket and fuel.
  • Practice jumping between small asteroids - due to the microgravity, you can jump a surprisingly long distance (especially from a running start).
  • An 'Asteroid Staircase' - nerdpole five blocks up, one across, and repeat - allows you to climb safely up to higher levels.
  • If you fall, you can normally aim for a small asteroid below you and so not fall out of the world. This means it is generally safer to do your exploring at a high level in the dimension (above y = 128).
  • Always carry a spare stack of blocks so you can get back up to a higher level again.
  • A Grapple can be shot a surprisingly long distance, and is a great way to reach a nearby large asteroid. If you shoot the Grapple at a small (1 block) asteroid, you will not land on top of it, but this can be a good way to reach another small asteroid near it.
  • A Hollow Asteroid makes an excellent place for a base.
  • Mark the end of a walkway with a Glowstone Torch - this gives you a point to aim for if you need to run quickly in the darkness.
  • Mobs are killed more quickly if you can get critical strikes.
  • You can use Canisters of Liquid Oxygen to replenish your oxygen tanks, just place them together in your 2x2 crafting grid, like repairing an item.
  • Do not carry all your spare oxygen tanks with you - if you die and lose them, they will be difficult or impossible to replace.
  • Make sure any base you build has walls at least 2-3 blocks thick around anything important. Creepers and meteors can damage your base from the outside.
  • You have some interesting choices about whether to use the 16 Desh Ingots immediately, or save some of them for later.

How to obtain items

SPOILER (click to view)


SPOILER (click to view)

Video Play-through

Youtuber JaWoodle made a nice series playing through this game mode in 6 videos.
1. Lost in Space! The Asteroid Challenge!
2. Found a Lava Asteroid!
3. Race for Oxygen!
4. Cows in Space! Space Cows! Moon Moo!
5. Stealing an Airlock
6. I'm Coming Home! Series Finale