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A cross-section of a Crude Oil Pocket underground.

Crude Oil Pockets are generated structures found on the Overworld where Crude Oil can be found and extracted with buckets.


From GC version and later, oil pockets work like this:

  • You won't have oil in the middle of caves or abandoned minecrafts, like in the first screenshot below - oil will only be generated inside rock formations (or other blocks)
  • Instead of the numerous small pockets of oil, there is now a smaller number (40% of what it was before) of larger oil reservoirs.
  • Oil is more common in desert and ocean biomes.
  • Oil is not common in any type of hills biome.

If upgrading from an older GC3, to get the new oil generation, you would need to re-generate your Overworld - otherwise you will find the old system in any part of the Overworld you already explored.

It is still possible to find oil in a Stronghold (behind the walls etc).


There are various sizes of crude oil pocket, this would be for a large one:

  • Shape: spheroid (flattened sphere)
  • Size: 17 x 17 wide. 9 tall.
  • Volume: 829 Crude Oil blocks


See Config#World_Generation


  • If you have Mekanism installed, use the Seismic Vibrator to find Crude Oil Pockets.


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