Titanium Boots

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Titanium Boots
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Titanium Boots








First Appearance

Galacticraft 3

Titanium Boots are an armor item made of Compressed Titanium.

Titanium Armor is the ultimate armor type available in Galacticraft 3 and Galacticraft 4. It is not as tough or as durable as Desh Armor. But it gives the best protection.

Titanium Armor is easily enchantable (more enchantable than Diamond Armor, less enchantable than Gold Armor).

Titanium Armor is a lightweight armor. It has the special property of increasing player movement speed by 18% if a full set of Titanium Armor is worn. The speed increase applies to walking, sprinting, bounding, ice-skating, swimming or any other movement which is based off the player's walking speed as a base. It does not increase flying speed or speed in minecarts, boats, rockets, Moon Buggy or other vehicles. The speed increase stacks with most other multipliers in the game. For example a Potion of Speed will make the player walk or sprint even faster than it normally does, with Titanium Armor. [Feature added in Galacticraft 4 build 148 - March 2018]

It also has the special property of reducing fall damage. This is thanks to the lightweight nature of this armor. Even a single piece of Titanium Armor will reduce fall damage somewhat. The effect is enhanced if a full set of Titanium Armor is worn.

If the player wears a full set of Titanium Armor with good enchantments - for example Protection IV enchantments on Helmet, Chestplate and Leggings, and Feather Falling IV enchantment on Boots - then a fully healthy player can fall from any height and survive. For example, the player can fall from a Space Station back to the Overworld (or take a rocket to the Overworld with no parachute) and when the player hits the ground, the player will take around 4-5 hearts of damage but will not die. [DISCLAIMER: not yet tested on worlds with gravity higher than the Overworld ...]

Crafting Recipe

      Grid layout Arrow (small).png Titanium Boots
Compressed Titanium   Compressed Titanium
Compressed Titanium   Compressed Titanium


In Science Fiction novel Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie, a character falls 5 miles and survives - thanks to excellent armor!

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