Desh Armor

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Desh Armor
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Desh HelmetDesh ChestplateDesh LeggingsDesh Boots








Desh Armor is a type of armor introduced in Galacticraft 2. It can be considered a Tier 2 armor.

It consists of the four standard pieces of a set of armor (helmet, chestplate, leggings and boots), but is crafted using Desh Ingots instead of vanilla materials. Aside from the texture, the only noticeable difference about Desh Armor and Titanium Armor is that the helmet covers more of the player's face.


Desh Armor is heavy and resilient. It gives the second-best protection of any armor in Galacticraft 3, second only to Titanium Armor. It has more durability than Titanium Armor. As an extra buff, Desh Armor has a knockback reduction effect (due to its heavy weight). The effect stacks with the number of pieces of Desh Armor worn, with a 25% bonus for a full set. The effect works in a different way from the Knockback Resistance attribute in vanilla Minecraft which gives the player a chance of not being knocked back.

A player wearing Desh Armor will still be knocked backwards and up into the air by the attacker's knockback, but the strength of the knockback is lessened so that the player wearing Desh Armor can get back into the fight more quickly.



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