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Desh Pickaxe
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Desh Pickaxe








The Desh Pickaxe is a tool used to dig up blocks and can be considered a tier 2 version of Heavy Duty Pickaxe with an increased durability of 1024 and attack damage of 4.5.

It is a good alternative to a Diamond Pickaxe, since it can mine including obsidian blocks.

It is made with three Desh Ingots and two Desh Sticks.

Crafting Recipe

Desh Ingot Desh Ingot Desh Ingot Grid layout Arrow (small).png Desh Pickaxe
  Desh Stick  
  Desh Stick  

Sticky Desh Pickaxe

Sticky Desh Pickaxe sprite found in GalacticraftMars' assets.

Sticky Desh Pickaxe (made-up name, following the vanilla Sticky Piston) is an Easter Egg included in Galacticraft 3. It has no recipe in-game and in survival mode the only way to obtain it is to cause a Desh Pickaxe to transform into the Sticky version.

The Sticky Desh Pickaxe has two special properties: it is always enchanted with a Silk Touch enchantment, and it is the only tool which can harvest a Creeper Egg.

As a clue to how to cause the transformation to happen, take a suitably enchanted regular Desh Pickaxe and think about what you might do with it to cause it to become coated in sticky slime.

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